Splashpress Media

Splashpress Media’s Vision

We believe that new media publishing can make for a better world through enhanced communication, education and freedom from government censorship. If we can be just a small part of a process that helps people learn to interact peacefully and share their ideas across a global platform without prejudice, we will be very proud.

We also understand that there are inherent responsibilities in publishing that we must adhere to.

  • We always aim, as much as it is possible, to report the facts accurately and truthfully. Whenever we are in error, we commit to rectifying the mistake immediately.
  • We do not believe in censorship of writers or visitor comments, unless these are against our stated policies or pose a legal threat to our company.
  • We do not engage in any kind of spamming and are totally opposed to any kind of such practices.
  • We adhere to the principles of fair use. This means we adhere to the law, but not to the extent that any individual’s creativity or freedoms are stifled.
  • We adhere to fair employment practices. We are a global community, after all, and we believe in giving equal opportunities to individuals of any age, race, and sex, as long as qualifications meet our needs.
  • We aim to keep it interesting. We do this by committing to the creation of original and engaging content. We try as much as possible to keep our pool of talent (writers, designers, and other communicators) passionate and up to date in their areas of expertise.
  • We are dedicated to the establishment of new media as a driving force in enhancing communications across the globe.