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Splashpress Media Team

Our core team is comprised of a diverse set of individuals from all corners of the world whose skills, passions and dreams run the gamut.

Mark W. Saunders, Publisher
mark@splashpress.comDescribing himself as “an online dinosaur with a dream”, Mark left his art dealing career in 2003 to set up a variety of successful online businesses, before founding Splashpress Media in 2006.Mark’s words of wisdom:Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most do.

David Jones, Operations dave@splashpress.comWith a wealth of experience in the web industry, David is responsible for running the network and the maintenance and health of our web properties. His experience and strategic approach would have avoided the economical collapse.David’s words of wisdom:

Great works are performed by perseverance.

Noemi Twigg, Editor in Chief
noemi@splashpress.comOur longest-serving team member, Noemi has grown exponentially into the lead editorial role where she manages all of media channels, including her own contributions where she has an uncanny knack for writing posts that are easy to read and get people fired up.Noemi’s words of wisdom:Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in a few.

Brian Meyer, Assistant Editor
brian@splashpress.comAs an established novelist in his own right, Brian has an uncanny ability to discover some real jewels among our daily ramblings. He assures that our content receives the spotlights it deserves. When not working on his newest novel, he’s the Splashpress Media Indiana Jones.Brian’s words of wisdom:You should never ever doubt what nobody is sure about.

Nelly Chica, CFO
nelly@splashpress.comNelly was socializing media before the founders of Facebook or Twitter had been born. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly and knows how to get her message across. Subsequently the deal is done with as little fuss as possible.Nelly’s words of wisdom:Work to live, don’t live to work.

John Markley, Community Manager
john@splashpress.comAt the crossroads where old school journalism and new media stickiness collide is where you will find John. Using over 15 years of online experience, John manages communities with thousands of members who have grown to appreciate his tenacity, reliability, dynamism and wit.John’s words of wisdom:Breathe deeply, often.

Ia Lucero, Design
ia@splashpress.comA designer by profession, Ia has extensive experience in managing both the technical and design aspects of blogs. If she had her way, the Internet would have nothing but beautifully-designed, compliant sites.Ia’s words of wisdom:This page is not Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional!

Ollie Barker, Technical
ollie@splashpress.comA professional coder for over six years, Ollie is our technical guru overseeing the network as a whole in terms of functionality and backend administration with a special talent for WP hacking.Ollie’s words of wisdom:Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.

Shaun McCann, Programming
shaun@splashpress.comWith over 10 years corporate experience in web programming, database design, application and report writing in many programming languages, plus another 8 years in computer maintenance and networking, Shaun gives us a coding expertise that is at the heart of our application services.Shaun’s words of wisdom:Someone who never made a mistake never tried anything.

Jon Angeles, Troubleshooting
jon@splashpress.comNot everything always goes to plan for a big network of sites. In fact, there is never a day when it does. Jon, a quantum physician by trade, does more than troubleshoot our daily issues- technical, data management, personal conflicts- he solves them with a razor as sharp as Einstein’s brain.Jon’ words of wisdom:You should never ever doubt what nobody is sure about.

Jonathan Bailey, Legal
jonathan@splashpress.comJonathan has become a very well known plagiarism fighter in blogosphere over recent years and we are lucky to be able to call on his services to protect our content and make sure that we do not infringe on any copyright laws.Jonathan’s words of wisdom:Though I am always glad to teach, I am happier to learn.