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New additions to the Splashpress Media writers roster

Jun 22, 2015

Over the last few weeks and months we have been expanding our roster of writers, say hello to our newest additions!

Remy Carreiro – Forevergeek


Remy is an experienced writer who has been published on sites such as Uproxx and Bloody Disgusting. You can follow him on Forevergeek where he can be found winding up Game of Thrones fans as well as covering the latest news and (his) views on DC and Marvel movies to video games and plenty more.



Meagan Freeman – Social News Daily

meaganMeagan has many years experience working in television, radio and print news as a reporter, producer and also news director. She is currently the Director of News and Operations for Abilene Public Radio and joined the team at Social News Daily earlier this year.

Jonette Valenciano – Social News Daily


Jonette joined the team at SND earlier this year also, she covers breaking and trending stories and was one of the first to report the recent iPhone SMS security issues last month. You can follow her on Twitter at @putingtikbalang

The Forevergeek Kickstarter Store Is Now Stiqblox

Sep 23, 2014

Last November we brought out a crowd-funding related expansion of Forevergeek.com, it was the Forevergeek Kickstarter Store and a place where we catalogued successfully Kickstarter funded products in the geek sub-cultures.  This summer we decided to take the store and re-brand it with its own name and website as well as begin reporting news on all crowd funding projects and developments within geek culture and so you have Stiqblox.com!


We have moved all the products from the old store over and will continue adding to it each week, we already have over 500 products listed there now! Stiqblox will also be reporting on new crowd-funded gadgets, games, tech and other products  in the geekosphere and we are now including campaigns from IndieGoGo too.

We will be interviewing prominent creators and have already interviewed Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaiergames.com who is quickly becoming a name in the crowd-funding industry after successfully funding two board games on Kickstarter as well as writing his own free resources on how to launch a successful campaign.

Jamey Stegmaier has two crowd-funded games under his belt

We also recently interviewed Benjamin Anderson who raked in over 1,000% of the funding target for his tutorial book on coding in Game Maker Studio.

Benjamin smashed his funding target in just a few days

We have many more interviews lined up along with daily news from the crowd-funding industry and best project picks from Kickstarter and IndieGoGo!

Launching the Forevergeek Kickstarter Store!

Nov 18, 2013

During the summer we were browsing through Kickstarter and trying to find products in niches related to our blog Forevergeek.com that had a) been successfully funded and completed and b) were available (or would soon be available) for the general public to purchase.  We found that Kickstarter does not offer any way for people to keep track of products once they have been funded and we thought wouldn’t it be cool if there were an online store where you could browse all the books, video games, clothing, art, board games and gadgets along with many other products that had been funded via Kickstarter only in one place?

So we decided to build one ourselves and we have just rolled it out, the Forevergeek Kickstarter Store








With this store we are aiming to build a useful resource for geek fans looking for all the cool indie products they have heard about being funded via Kickstarter and brought together where they can be purchased, we also want to make this into a platform where creators with little or no marketing budget can get some visibility for their newly funded products.

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