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Social News Daily Joins Splashpress Media

Jun 20, 2014

Social News Daily - Examining And Reporting On The World Of Social Media

Last month Splashpress Media acquired the social news publication SocialNewsDaily.com.

Social News Daily is the first media reporting website that focuses 100% on social media platforms and news created and supported by social networks.

The site was established by a group of veteran media bloggers James Kosour, Dusten Carlson, Kim LaCapria and Dan Evon and in the last 2 years they have built the site into a premium source for all social media news covering breaking news and trending topics from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and all other major social platforms. Several of the founders such as Dan and Dusten have stayed on while the others have moved on to new ventures.

We are excited to have Social News Daily in the Splashpress Media network and will be looking to grow the site throughout 2014 and beyond.

Guestr Acquired

Jul 24, 2013

Guestr - Guest Posts Wanted - Promote Your Blog


Splashpress Media has recently acquired the guest blogging community site Guestr.  The previous owner Luke Moulton put the site up for sale back in May and we decided it would be a great addition to our network. We have been working with other guest blogging networks and bloggers such as MyBloGuest.com and Ann Smarty since guest blogging became mainstream in 2010 and we hope to build Guestr up into a lively resource for publishers and bloggers with a vibrant community.

Throughout the rest of the summer we will be working on the backend and adding some new functions and improvements if you are a publisher with a blog or website and are looking for some quality contributors or you are looking to guest post on some blogs for increasing your online presence then follow the sign up link here to get started.