Splashpress Media

Splashpress Media Partners

We are honored to have established some invaluable online partnerships which are crucial to our global strategy.


Appnitro Software

Appnitro Software develops MachForm, a self-hosted HTML form builder. Through our partnership, we hope to bring MachForm to bloggers, who are interested in adding HTML forms on their blogs and sites.

Automattic Inc

Although not an official partner, we extend our gratitude to Automattic for the platform that they have created, making a network such as ours possible and the latitude they have given us in respect to their trademark.

b5 Media Inc

We have joined in a lucrative advertising partnership with b5 Media, which enables our group of blogs to have access to many major advertising agencies and networks.

Backbeat Media LLC

Backbeat Media provides ad sales and support for us on a selection of our sites, RSS feeds and podcasts including at Celebrific, Forever Geek, Blogging Pro, Filmsy and bFeedMe.

Bloggy Network LLC

We have been fortunate to forge a strong and solid relationship with Bloggy Network. They have developed some cutting edge sites for us, including: Free WordPress Themes, Photo Blogs, Feed Vault and Ping My Blog.

Brian Gardner Design

Brian Gardner has worked with us on a number projects and has been a great partner in the growth of our network. Projects have included Cutline, WordPress Themes, Blog Herald and Performancing Themes.

Colorteck Inc

Colorteck is a major web hosting brand that we have built to work in partnership with our network. We also own several other web hosting companies including Tsunami Hosting and Elahost.

Contec Innovations Inc

We have developed a strategic partnership with Contec Innovations in the mobile delivery of our content, an essential part of our strategy for a wider reach through new media technology.

DCoda Ltd

DCoda has been an invaluable ongoing partner for us with the programming needs for our netwok, especially with sites such as Performancing Ads and Twitter League.

Design Disease LLC

Design Disease has done some sterling work for us on both the design and programming front. Sites include Froodee, Gadzooki, Blog Tutorials and Travelogger.

Dori Friend

Dori Friend has been an incredibly useful ally to us in providing our business with the necessary tools for building quality links, whether that be for our own sites or for our clients.


Our sister company, IMAND, has proved to be an invaluable strategic partner for both our own and our clients’ network of sites- with its comprehensive and effective SEO and linkbuilding services.

Instablogs Club

We are very excited to have partnered up with Instablogs with such sites as the Blog Herald and Celebrific, in its development of a club of high-end, prestigious blogs.


In our search for global reach, we have been very lucky to tie up with IOIX on a variety of joint ventures. The Blog Herald Japan and 901am Japan are just the first of many projects that we will be doing together.


OMIQ has been a very productive partner for us in the launching of projects such as Performancing Ads. We are currently working with them on building a social media productivity suite.

OnTheGoSystems Inc

OnTheGoSystems gives us an innovative way to reach an international audience by translating content through distributed efforts, a crucial means for us to widen our user base.

Pale Publishing

Pale Publishing has done some tremendous design work in partnership with us. Designs done include Eaton Web, Jack Of All Blogs, Blogger Jobs, Blog Network Watch, Audival, Bloggy Award, Blogosphere News and 901am.

PicApp Technologies Ltd

A crucial part of delivering quality content is the high end imagery used and PicApp provides us with the perfect service of an almost limitless stock of photographs to use which are of course legal.

Randa Clay Design

Randa Clay has done some superb design work for us, with such sites as: Performancing Ads and Services, BizCrunch, Hollywood Blog, Celebrity Chefs and Definition of Philosophy.

Roxr Software Ltd

We are tremendously grateful for all the support and help that Roxr Software has given us in the development and implementation of pMetrics, a traffic analysis tool for bloggers.

Sea Waves Technology

We have had a strong relationship with Sea Waves Technology in the development and promotion of some of our largest projects, including: EatonWeb, Performancing and Performancing Ads.

Webligo Developments

Webligo has produced some superbly creative software, which we have been honored to be part of. This includes Blog Hoster, software that we believe is the best of its type on the market.

Word Content Ltd

Another of our sister sites that provides crucial resources and leverage for our network is Word Content, an independent company providing top quality, optimized online content.

WP Remix

We have developed a lucrative partnership with WP Premix to develop a Premium Themes portal in our bid to offer users full time support for their WordPress themes.