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Our Other Projects and Services

Splashpress media runs other projects, products and services that may not necessarily be new media related, but still relevant in their respective niches in the online world.


Blognis is a free blogging service that offers easy, convenient blog setup and maintenance based on the Blog Hoster script. Blognis takes the setup and maintenance headaches from individuals who are interested in blogging but would rather not deal with the technical intricacies of installing, running and maintaining their own server-side software.

One Big Hacker

One Big Hacker is a feed aggregator that lists the latest updates on the best hacker and tech-oriented sites that provide RSS feeds.

One Big Hacker serves as a one-stop-shop for online security information, and as a resource for other related matters, such as programming, design, networking, and the like.

Blog Pinger

Blog Pinger is a service that notifies all the major blog directories in one go so that these services know about your latest blog posts. Blog Pinger saves you the time of having to do each one manually! Pinging update services is one great way to improve the popularity of your blog and make sure the search engines crawl and index your site properly.


Elahost offers fast, reliable and affordable Web hosting services and related technical services, focusing on high quality, super reliable Web hosting with performance, reliability, affordability and technical quality. The software and service that Elahost provides are simple enough for the novice, but sophisticated enough to satisfy the needs of the professional webmaster.

eFreelance Writer

A good website has its foundations on good content. But not every webmaster has the time to write. eFreelance Writer is a service that matches up freelance writers with webmasters who need original written content. This way, webmasters can focus on what they do best–and that is to develop websites.

Article Submission

Article submission is an inexpensive, but effective way to promote a website and increase traffic. Splashpress Media’s Article Submission service employs professional copy writers, journalists and creative writers who know exactly how to write and promote links that appeal to both humans and search robots, ensuring appropriate keyword densities and writing style. Search optimization specialists then apply the written work to manual submission processes which send your link out into the world wide web in a relevant and focused fashion.

Domains Finder

Domains Finder specializes in helping you find the ideal domain name, whether for business or personal needs. Domains Finder will help you select a name that accurately reflects your business or identity needs, but something that is also search engine friendly and has good recall value with people. Domains Finder has an extensive database of available and soon-to-be available domain names, according to your needs and specifications.

Forums Poster

Forums are excellent means to build community, especially among persons with shared interests. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to start discussions, particularly with new forums with only a few starting members. Forums Poster helps solve this initial void with new forums. Our forum posters are researchers and experts who are masters at starting relevant and lively discussions.


Link popularity is directly related to how a webpage or website ranks in search engines, and the number of people visiting and using the site. What’s more important is having high quality links, both inbound and outbound. Being in the right link neighborhood is definitely better than having just about anyone link to your site.

Link Lander specializes in marketing websites through quality link building. Services include link building, article submissions, and even selling text link ad space on websites.