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Donation Drive for Storm and Flood Victims in the Philippines

Oct 5, 2009

ondoy disaster

Over the weekend, residents of Metro Manila and cities in its vicinity woke up to torrential downpours and rising floodwaters brought about by typhoon “Ondoy” (international name Ketsana). This was the worst flooding the city of 12 million people has seen in about four decades, with over 80% of the area submerged underwater. While most areas were only moderately flooded, some low-lying areas saw waters reaching past the height of two-storey houses.

The typhoon is said to have brought in 400+ mm of rain–a month’s worth of rainwater in a span of 12 hours. The record-breaking rainfall levels even bested out rainwater from hurricane Katrina in the US in 2005.

The disaster spared no one–both rich, poor and middle class families saw their homes and properties destroyed by the flood and landslides. What’s worse is that a lot have died, and many are still lost. As per recent news, more than 250 have died. Scores more are missing. These are especially prevalent in cities of Pasig, Marikina, and Cainta (in Rizal province).

Typhoon ondoy floods Manila A good number of our team, staff and partners at Splashpress Media are residents of Metro Manila. So far, all of us were relatively unscathed after this terrible incident. Thus we feel responsible for extending aid to those who were badly affected. Some of our friends and family members (and even team members) have gone out and donated money, food, clothing, and physically helped in the relief efforts. But much has to be done, including a longer period of rehabilitation. News of incoming weather disturbances is making things more worrisome.

How to donate

Splashpress Media is running a donation drive in aid of the victims of the flooding in Metro Manila. We are starting the donation drive with $1,000 from ourselves. For those who can make credit card payments, you may directly send donations to the Philippine National Red Cross which is one of the bigger organizations organizing and handling aid. However, for those who might prefer PayPal, The Philippine National Red Cross can also accept PayPal payments through this address: [email protected].

How to link

You may link to our campaign drive using some buttons we have created:


You can copy and paste the code below, so you can add a link to our donation page on your blog, website, or social networking profile.

Any help or form of support will be appreciated!

Easy Photoblogging with Photoblogs.net

May 12, 2008

A picture paints a thousand words, or so the saying goes. With today’s digital lifestyle, it is not uncommon for people to be able to snap photos just about anywhere, at any time. We have our digital cameras. And we have our camera-equipped mobile phones.

The camera is ubiquitous, but sometimes sharing pictures with the world is not as easy as clicking that shutter button. And even with numerous photo-sharing services around, bloggers might find the gallery-type format of these different from the chronological order that they are used to.

The solution: photoblogging.

Photoblogging is a combination of blogging and photo sharing. The idea is to post photos at regular intervals (daily, twice a week, etc.), or as the need arises. Popular blogging software packages are able to run as photoblogs, with special themes that focus on photos rather than–or along with–the written word. However, for no-hitch photoblogging, Splashpress Media has a solution: Photoblogs.net.


Photo Blogs is a free photo blogging service that lets users easily upload and publish photos in a photo-blog format. The service lets users manipulate photos and add tags, keywords, descriptions and captions for easy reference.

Photoblogs.net is yet another collaboration by Splashpress Media with Bloggy Network LLC, which has done the design and programming according to our needs. We hope that shutterbugs would find the service useful in sharing their captured moments, along with interesting captions and commentary. As the Photoblogs.net tagline goes–Even shutterbugs write!

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Gadzooki! I Want One!

Apr 28, 2008


It’s not uncommon for gadget lovers to drool over every new device–electronic or otherwise– that’s out in the market. It’s called gadget lust. That means there are things that generate enough desire for people to go crazy over them, whether they are actually necessities or just something one wants.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a laptop, a mobile phone, a portable media player, a big-screen LCD television set, a car, or just about anything that moves or does something. If it’s a gadget, there’s bound to be a gadget lover lusting for the latest model, or the shiniest model, or the smallest, or the one that has the most features.

In 2006 a blog dedicated to gadgets was born. It was called tech.erati.com, part of the Erati network. Then the owners decided to rename it Gadzooki, which shows how they thought gadget lovers would exclaim when they learn of yet another gadget they want to get a hold of. Gadzooki! I want one!

And with the blog featuring reviews and news of the latest gadgets out there. Who wouldn’t want one.

You don’t have to be a techie to want the latest gadget – its practically a necessity today in our modern lives. But before you splurge out on that larger-than-life flatscreen tv or iPhone, let our tech-obsessed bloggers at Gadzooki point you in the right direction.

At Gadzooki you’ll find out about the latest technology-driven products around– from media players, mobile phones, laptops and cars, to consumer electronics like televisions, photographic equipment, audio-visual systems, and much more than you could imagine.

Splashpress Media acquired Gadzooki in early 2007 and gave it an overhaul in terms of the format and design. Gadzooki has been reborn as a community site, with several bloggers (who are gadget-freaks, of course!) regularly contributing news items, reviews and features. Splashpress Media has also since acquired the Erati brand, which has been converted into an entertainment blog.

So let us help satisfy your gadget lust with Gadzooki, at least in terms of information and learning more about the gizmos you love.

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J. Angelo Racoma: Dealing With Your Blogging Needs

Apr 1, 2008

The growth of blogging as a business and marketing tool has been phenomenal in the recent years. We’ve seen blogging evolve from something done for personal purposes, to something that can be done on a professional or even an enterprise level. These days, the successful business models for blogging don’t only entail building up a content network and serving up advertisements. Businesses and enterprises can also take advantage of blogging and new media to build up their image, to communicate with the world at large, to sell ideas and even to sell products and services both directly and indirectly.


Here at Splashpress Media, we’re proud to be working with some of the world’s finest new media professionals and practitioners. These are the people who not only contribute to the community with their ideas, but also help others by sharing their knowledge of the inner workings of the industry.

One of these people is someone who has been working with us from the start: J. Angelo Racoma, or better known as J. Angelo in the online world. As the Editor in Chief of Splashpress Media, Angelo takes care of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the network, and this includes the technical, financial, creative and marketing aspects of the company. Also part of his responsibilities is coordinating the efforts of our project managers, bloggers, designers, administrators and our partners and other colleagues in the business to ensure we are all working in synergy (and that everyone is happy working with each other).

The various aspects of blogging

When it comes to blogging and new media, Angelo is basically a Jack of All Trades. He started out with blogging as an outlet for practicing his writing skills back when he was still working as a government economist. His first taste of blogging professionally was when he left public service to pursue a career developing a hosted personal and enterprise blogging service for a private IT firm. Not satisfied with the corporate world, Angelo left that shortly to find his fortune in the virtual world, and that’s where he got acquainted with the people that would be his colleagues in the various new media networks he has been part of one time or another, such as the former BlogMedia and Bloggy Network LLC, among others.

He first worked with us contributing content way back when we were not yet known as Splashpress Media. When we bought the Blog Herald, we hired him full time and he came on board as Marketing Manager and then as Assistant Editor and technical point-person. When Splashpress Media was formed as the umbrella company for our various online endeavors, his role also expanded to cover the other sites we owned and acquired. Angelo has always had a passion for great design and writing and for using innovative mediums to communicate with other people. This passion is shared by the rest of us in Splashpress Media.

Sharing our expertise

This expertise of building up blogs and using new media as an effective medium for communication is one thing we would like to share with the world at large with our newest blogging logistics company bLogics.

bLogics is a blog consultancy group that offers a one-stop shop for all your blogging needs. bLogics is run by Splashpress Media, a new media company with more than three years of experience in the various aspects of web development from hosting, design, marketing, content management and content development. This includes extensive experience in developing weblogs for ourselves and our clients, which are either stand-alone, part of a blog network, or as complement to regular websites. We are also behind some of today’s more popular destinations in various niches of the blogosphere, and this has proved helpful in improving the visibility of our network and our clients’ blogs.

Through bLogics, we aim to serve those who want to take part in the new media scene, but need help with planning and execution. Our team of experts includes designers, programmers, writers and marketing people. The various online tools, networks and applications that we run in-house allow us to effectively and efficiently host and run new media services for our clients. Given our experience, resources and people, we are in the best position to help business, organizations and institutions run their own blogging activities.

bLogics‘ services include:

The people behind Splashpress Media and bLogics, such as J. Angelo Racoma, have had their share of successfully building and re-building blogs.

Get in touch with us and we will help you with yours.

WordPress Philippines: Fostering Community in the Philippine Blogosphere

Mar 24, 2008

The Philippines has one of the more active blogging communities in this side of Asia, and I can say a good number of Filipinos have made it big in the blogging scene–whether earning from their blogs, or simply sharing their thoughts with the rest of the online community.

WordPress Philippines

Firstly, consider that offshore blogging has been called the “most explosive blogging issue of 2008” by Tony Hung, our former editor for the Blog Herald. In his article, he considers the massive opportunity of off shoring writing work to countries where the cost of living is low and English is an official language. Sure, anyone can write English well, but perhaps the Filipino culture (highly Westernized because of decades of Western colonization) would enable Filipinos to connect better to our western counterparts–both the blog readers and fellow blog authors. This can be a plus to Filipino bloggers who wish to write for blog networks.

Secondly, Filipinos are known to be very adept at using social media tools (though this might come as a shock to most). For one, we are among the top users of social networking site Friendster, which is actually the #1 site that Filipino users access, according to Alexa. And among the top 10 sites, three other new media outfits are included, such as Multiply, YouTube and Blogger. How’s that for a new media society?

Still, fostering community requires more than just being active in the social media scene. It’s not enough to be just islands of information. We think that it’s a great idea to have a single place where people can mingle and have meaningful exchanges as a community.

Add to that the fact that some of our current and former Splashpress Media editors, project managers, designers and contributors are Filipino. Then there’s good reason to celebrate the contributions of our country to the world of new media.

For this we have decided to launch WordPress Philippines, which we envision to be the premier community site for WordPress users and bloggers in the Philippines. Actually, it is likely that this would be a good place where Filipino bloggers from around the globe can mingle–yes, Filipinos are spread around the world, with about 3% of the country’s citizens living abroad, working in various professions and callings.

One characteristic of WordPress Philippines is the use of Technorati and del.icio.us tags to let community members publish links on the WordPress Philippines homepage. Bloggers can have their posts linked from the front page under the second column “Latest Philippine Blog Entries” by adding a Technorati tag to their blog posts: either Philippines or wordpressph.

Meanwhile, users can have their blog posts or just about any website linked from the front page under the third column “Latest News” by saving that particular page as a del.icio.us bookmark with the tag wordpressph.

Also, the site features download areas of various WordPress-related software authored by Filipinos or found to be relevant to the Filipino blogging community, including WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, and other downloads.

And for to help Filipino bloggers from all over the world communicate with one another, be it in private or in public, we have the WordPress Philippines community forums.

And last but not the least, at the helm of WordPress Philippines (aside from myself, of course) is our own head of programming, Ia Lucero, who is an accomplished designer. She is very much experienced with conceptualizing and executing WordPress theme designs. Ia also manages a handful of our other blog-related portals and services, such as Feed Vault, Free WordPress Themes and Blogosphere News, as well as producing some top quality themes for our other network blogs.

J. Angelo Racoma
Editor in Chief
and a Filipino WordPress blogger

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