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Advertising Profile: Forever Geek


Forever Geek features the latest news and updates on the latest from the world of technology, featuring reviews on gadgets, mobile phones, software, websites and even movies. The site caters to all kinds of geeks, and is written by people who are knowledgeable and passionate about technology. Forever Geek also prides itself in its active community of readers and contributors.


Monthly unique visitors 215,000
Monthly page views 306,000
Traffic from organic searches 63%
Top referral site StumpleUpon
Technorati rank 2,313
Authority 549
Alexa rank 58,511
Other sites that link to this site 39,039
Feed subscribers 5,091

Audience demographics


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Main interests

  • Gadgets
  • Mobile Phones
  • Anime
  • Film
  • Technology
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