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About usFounded in 2006, with over 100 new media-related sites and 200 people working in our network, we have quickly evolved into a significant new media company focusing primarily on ways to help the modern publisher succeed, whether that be through monetization, publishing tips, useful software, social media, business consultancy or web applications.

  • We are committed to bringing our very best to every project that we undertake and always put quality, before quantity. Our long-term vision is much more important to us than achieving any short-term monetary gains.
  • We are a online publishing company that values each and every member of its team and the contribution they make towards the overall success of the network.
  • We try to cover all aspects of blogging in our network, as well as various generic and niche areas. Such topics include celebrity gossip, travel, sports, food, gadgets, film, business, web design and technology.
  • We strive to be impartial in our presentation of news, views and information. And to give our audience the big picture, and not just the things that are advantageous to us.
  • We are a diverse set of individuals, hailing from all over the globe, and it is our aim to be as international as possible in our outlook with the hope of increasing our readership and user base.
  • We are always happy to hear from you, so please feel free to contact us for any more information that you require.