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Bloggerjobs.biz is back!

Posted on Apr 16, 2015

Blogger Jobs – All the latest blogging and freelance writing jobs

Bloggerjobs.biz has been on a bit of a hiatus for the last few years as sites like Freelancewritinggigs and the Bloggingpro jobs board took precedence and most of our time. We decided this year why not build Bloggerjobs up to the same level and build a community site & resource for blogging work?

Bloggerjobs is being managed by Christopher Jan Benitez a writer who has been working with us at Bloggingpro and Blogherald since last year and is widely published across the blogosphere and has a applied for many blogging jobs over the years and understands how helpful a good blogging jobs resource site can be.

If you are seeking blogging work either as an experienced blogger or first timer head over to the site where you will find the following to help you in your jobs search:

  • Daily jobs summary of the best blogging job picks from the web
  • Jobs board updated daily with other blogging jobs from our best picks
  • Resource pieces, tools and tips articles on blogging and freelance writing work
  • To cap it all off there is a weekly newsletter you can sign-up to get the best job picks of the week plus resource articles not only from Bloggerjobs but also other blogging related sites around the web, all straight to your inbox!

Don’t forget to follow the site on Facebook and Twitter too.