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Splashpress Media Year in Review 2013

Posted on Dec 31, 2013


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2013 is drawing to a close and from everyone at Splashpress Media we’d like to wish all our readers a Happy New Year and prosperous 2014! Before we all sign off for celebrations though we’d like to review some of the highlight stories from the year from across our network:

2013 was the year that Yahoo went on a spending spree first buying Alike and then later in summer cutting a check for a cool 1.1 billion USD for Tumblr.

NSA hacking and spying that has been going on for years revealed by Edward Snowden in a Guardian exclusive, more details are still being revealed every week at the time of writing this post.

Google Glass released in limited numbers for testers and quickly becomes a hit.

iPhone 5S & 5C released after iOS7 is rolled out with major design changes to the iOS

The  Forevergeek Kickstarter Store is released Рan online store and catalogue of all geek related Kickstarter funded products.

The Xbox One and PS4 within a week of each other and each claiming to have sold millions within days of launch.

Paul Walker of the Fast and Furious movie series is killed in a high speed car accident while returning with a friend from a charity event.

We released a writers resource area at Freelancewritinggigs.com with tips and tools for both beginner and experienced freelance writers headed by and old FWJ hand Jodee Redmond.