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New Bloggers On-board for Forevergeek and Applegazette

Posted on Sep 17, 2013

Two new bloggers have joined the Splashpress Media blogging team recently:

Brian Meyer


Brain will be blogging at Applegazette.com. Brian is a technology nut who loves all things Apple. Along with tech blogging he owns and operates a website dedicated to Craft Beer knowledge and information: Craft Beer Academy. With a love of sharing information and finding the newest tech out there, he is a great source for interesting news and instruction. You can follow him on Twitter @Pubmariner

Aimee Long


Aimee has joined the Forevergeek team and is a long time SCI-FI and geek blogger and covers all things Fringe at Morethanoneofeverything.net, you can follow her on Twitter at @aimeeinchains and @Fringenuity