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Splashpress Media Year in Review 2013

Dec 31, 2013


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2013 is drawing to a close and from everyone at Splashpress Media we’d like to wish all our readers a Happy New Year and prosperous 2014! Before we all sign off for celebrations though we’d like to review some of the highlight stories from the year from across our network:

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Merry Christmas from Splashpress Media!

Dec 24, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers!


Introducing the FWJ Resources Area

Dec 23, 2013


Earlier this month we rolled out a new resource area on Freelance Writing Gigs for both experienced and newbie freelance writers. The  ‘Writers Resource Area’ as we are calling it is headed by Jodee Redmond who was part of the original FWJ crew and many of the longtime readers will remember her.

There are six different areas, each with several sections of tips and advice:

  • Business Tips – where you can find articles on taxes, money saving ideas, etc.;
  • Job Hunting Tips – we cover everything job-related, from resume writing tips to dealing with clients;
  • Writing Tips – whether you need help with grammar or writing style you’ll find what you need here;
  • Online Portfolio – because an online presence is essential these days;
  • General Tips – the catch-all bucket;
  • Downloadables – templates, free software, and more!

Jodee and Noemi will be adding new advice pieces every week so be sure to bookmark the resources page  and stay abreast with all the updates by following the Twitter account @freelancewj or on Facebook at Facebook.com/Freelancewritingjobs 🙂


In Memory of Aimee Long

Nov 25, 2013


We are deeply sorry to announce that one of our writing staff, Aimee Long at Forevergeek passed away recently. Aimee had only been with us a few short months but in that time she had written some fantastic content in her field of television and geek culture  especially on fan favorite shows Breaking Bad and Doctor Who. Even though Aimee had not been with us long she had fitted in to the team very well and was in the process of helping us with content for the new store we were launching on the blog.

If anyone would like to pass on their messages of condolences please do so via Twitter to her own account @aimeeinchains and her friend’s account for their Fringe TV show fan site @fringenuity.  Aimee also had her own website about Fringe and other Tv shows, there is now a donation button for anyone wishing to donate money to her memorial fund.

Launching the Forevergeek Kickstarter Store!

Nov 18, 2013

During the summer we were browsing through Kickstarter and trying to find products in niches related to our blog Forevergeek.com that had a) been successfully funded and completed and b) were available (or would soon be available) for the general public to purchase.  We found that Kickstarter does not offer any way for people to keep track of products once they have been funded and we thought wouldn’t it be cool if there were an online store where you could browse all the books, video games, clothing, art, board games and gadgets along with many other products that had been funded via Kickstarter only in one place?

So we decided to build one ourselves and we have just rolled it out, the Forevergeek Kickstarter Store








With this store we are aiming to build a useful resource for geek fans looking for all the cool indie products they have heard about being funded via Kickstarter and brought together where they can be purchased, we also want to make this into a platform where creators with little or no marketing budget can get some visibility for their newly funded products.

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