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Splashpress Media Now Available on Almost Any Platform

Posted on Jan 14, 2011

Over the last months the online media scene has changed massively and more than ever users want to follow sites on other devices and platforms. RSS has been one of the major subscription options for tech geeks since years already but never really did take off among non ‘techies’.

The internet landscape has also changed in the last two years and no longer is Google the first location people go to when logging in. More so have mobile devices become more and more platform and especially the new favourite of everyone… Facebook.

Here at Splashpress Media we do find it important to allow people the possibility to discover our content on their preferred platform and follow us in the simplest ways possible. Almost all our sites can easily be found on Facebook and push updates to your news feed every time new content is published. Fans of cooking can easily subscribe to bFeedme on on Facebook and receive the latest updates in their news feed. of course all our sites can be found on Facebook.

If you prefer using Twitter to stay updated with our newest content, you can also follow every site on Twitter. Additionally we created new Splashpress Media Newspapers on Paper.li. Paper.li might be the most interesting option for followers who don’t have time to keep up with all our sites but want an easy way to decide what to read.
There are three different newspapers you can subscribe to, to quickly and easily receive daily updates:

Over the next months we will continue to expand to other platforms.

The Splashpress Media team is also glad to be able to announce the release of Search Plugin for WordPress v, a collaboration with IOIX, one of the leading Japanese online marketing companies.