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WordPress Security Audit Service

Posted on May 11, 2009

Wp Security

Performancing Services, having recently opened up a new service for Copyright Management, managed by Jonathan Bailey and previously announced by us, has now opened another brand new service for bloggers: WordPress Security Audit Service, the brainchild of (and to be overseen by) David Peralty.

J. Angelo Racoma announced the introduction of the service over at Performancing:

How secure is your WordPress blog?

This is one question that usually escapes bloggers until that time when you wake up and see that your blog has crashed, gone offline, or–worse–been vandalized. While you can always revert to backups, you’re not sure those are recent. And it’s not always a walk in the park to restore from backup. And need I mention the downtime?

Most experienced bloggers would know how to secure their blogs. It usually involves a more strict file and folder permission set, stronger passwords, updated software and plugin versions, and the like. But not everyone knows everything about securing one’s blog installation. More importantly, not everyone has the time to do so on their own, especially those who run multiple blogs.

I must admit that in one way or another, I’ve fallen into this trap of complacency and many of my blogs are not 100% secure. And so, with the prodding of David Peralty, and with encouragement from several colleagues at the Hive, we’re planning to offer WordPress security audits as part of Performancing Services.

Details will unfold soon. But from what I’ve outlined so far, the service would be two-pronged, much like our copyright management service. First would be the audit–where we scour your site for holes and potential problems, and we will give you a report containing recommended actions. Second, if you choose to have us do the actual legwork, we will then do it for you.

Does this sound like a good idea? I’m pretty sure there are tools out there that can practically do the same thing, but of course there’s no substitute to human judgement (and imagination).

And you can see the service being offered over at Performancing Services in the Blog Management section:

Content scraping is one of the biggest headaches a blogger faces. Once you hit that publish button, your articles are prone to automatic copying and republishing by not-so-trustworthy websites who do not link back. Some of these scrapers even earn from your hard work by slapping on some advertisements, text links or affiliate links on their own sites, as if it were their own.

The Performancing Copyright Management Service does the hard work for you. Our copyright experts will track down websites, blogs, forums and other sites that infringe on your rights as a publisher. We will then give you a comprehensive report with suggested courses of action. If you choose to, we can also act on these violations on your behalf, by initiating takedown notices and making sure your original content stays where it should–on your blog! Price includes initial consultation, tracking, initial report and appropriate action on three (3) infringing sites.

Get Started Now For $300

The Performancing Services team are amongst the most experienced and most savvy of bloggers out there, who also happen to have the technical skills to implement this service in an efficient and trustworthy way:

With experience going back to the early 90s (the wild wild west days for the web), and with professional careers varying from copywriting to web development, the Performancing team has everything that is needed to grow your business online.

J. Angelo Racoma is a career problogger and currently editor in chief of Splashpress Media, where he oversees the creative, technical and financial aspects of the network and its related services. Angelo has extensive experience in viral marketing through social networks, blogs and similar media, and would like businesses to embrace social media as a tool for building and maintaining relationships.

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So do check out this new great new service from Performancing and let us know if you think we should be tweaking or adding to it!