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Welcoming Andy Merrett to Splashpress

Posted on Aug 17, 2009

We’re very pleased to announce a new member to our team: Andy Merrett.

Andy started writing for us at the Blog Herald in 2006 and more recently at Forever Geek and Performancing. But with the recent demise of Shiny Media, Andy became freed up and is now our channel editor for technology– covering nine blogs in our network including such sites as Gadzooki, Audival and Have Laptop Will Travel.

Andy reported this move at his personal blog:

I’ve been writing on a couple of blogs at Splashpress Media for several years now, but since the demise of Shiny Media (albeit a seemingly short one) I’ve become a lot more involved.

I am now officially the Technology Channel editor, which means I get to write about tech, gadgets, gizmos, web sites and other geeky things, as well as boss a few select writers around a bit from time to time.

It helps that I absolutely love the sites.

If you’ve even slightly been missing my ramblings about high definition TV, the iPhone and general consumer tech, you’ll find a similar blend of regular writings over at ForeverGeek, Gadzooki and GeeksBlog. I’ll also be popping up from time to time on Have Laptop Will Travel, My Asus Eee and IT Security Blog.

More into blogging and new media? You’ll find my news and feature articles at Blog Herald, 901am and Performancing.

All of our blogs and writers are stars. Some have a larger following than others but we’re a friendly crowd (usually — the odd bit of ’snark’ pops up from time to time) and we’re definitely worth a visit.

We’re very honored to have a heavyweight blogger like Andy on board and excited about the future with him as part of our core team!

To learn more about Andy, you can visit his about page.