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Too Newsy Theme Released

Posted on Feb 2, 2009

Performancing Themes has released its latest high quality, free WordPress theme: Too Newsy, designed by Sophia Lucero.

As J. Angelo Racoma announced at the Performancing blog:

We are pleased to announce the January, 2009 Performancing Themes for WordPress release: Too Newsy. A three-column theme, Too Newsy uses minimal images and earthy colors, and a few touches of elegance, contributing to that old-world feel.

The theme features widget-ready sidebars, which can accommodate several different image dimensions (suitable for button and banner ads). The theme also supports the default CSS alignment and caption classes in WordPress 2.6 and above, and it is the first Performancing Theme to support new WordPress 2.7 features out of the box:

  • Threaded and paginated comments
  • Post classes
  • Image captions and gallery classes

Another highlight of Too Newsy is the use of the sidebar for snippets of the latest posts in a pre-defined category (which is by default the “features” category). This can be useful for bloggers who wish to highlight certain posts, such that they are not pushed down too soon by newer ones. The theme also supports gravatars out of the box.

Too Newsy is another collaboration with Splashpress Media designer Sophia Lucero, who previosuly brought us the Rubidious Theme, and various other designs in the Splashpress network.

And over at Performancing Themes itself, the theme was also introduced with some additional usage notes and further updates:

Usage Notes

There are two versions of Too Newsy, one meant for WordPress 2.7 and above, and another for pre-WP 2.7 versions:

  • Too Newsy 1.0a – For WordPress 2.6.x and prior (though recent) versions
  • Too Newsy 1.0b – For WordPress 2.7

You would need to make some sidebar edits, either through widgets or on the sidebar.php file itslf. This is particularly for the features column, where you can define a category that will have a few posts as “sticky” on the sidebar.

Also, you would need to edit the menu.php file once the theme is installed, so you can define the header and footer links. This menu is actually an unordered list (UL) and you can add or remove items as needed, and as long as the navigation bar does not get too crowded.


We’ve received some complaints about the widget-capability of the theme, and apparently there was a small bug in sidebar.php that prevented widgets from properly appearing in sidebar 2. The download files have been updated (below) to fix that. If you’ve already installed Too Newsy, then you can simply replace style.css and sidebar.php.

Do note that the widgetized areas appear right below the blurb (for sidebar 1) and right after blogroll (for sidebar 2).

We are working on upgrading all our other themes to fully support the newest features of WordPress 2.7. We will announce this once an update has been done.

To download the Too Newsy Theme, the file is in two versions- one for WordPress 2.7 and another for previous versions:

  • Too Newsy 1.0 for WordPress 2.6.x and below
  • Too Newsy 1.0b for WordPress 2.7
  • And to preview the Too Newsy Theme, see here.

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