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Splashpress Launches Clock Widgets

Posted on May 24, 2009

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest website: Clock Widgets.

For quite some time, our design team has been putting together a superb selection of uniquely designed clock widgets for publishers to display on their blogs and other online platforms (facebook, myspace, etc- even static websites).

The purpose and function of these widgets is obvious- to tell the time 🙂 but we hope that we have taken this popular application service one step further with some seriously dynamic and interactive timepieces!

The site is simply presented in four parts:

The first section is for analog clock widgets, such as Apple Crisp:

The second section is for digital clock widgets, such as Cockpit:

The third section is for other clock widgets, such as Blocks:

And the final category is simply one that displays the popular widgets, according to the ratings of users on the site itself (each widget can be rated from a score of one to five). Currently the most popular widget is King of Frogs:

To save you the trouble of visiting the FAQ page, here are some more details:

What’s a widget?

A widget is a piece of code that displays special information on a website. It could be news, weather, games, or anything else. Here, you can grab widgets that tell the time.

How do I use a widget?

Copy the Embed Code and paste it anywhere on your blog.

Why can’t I get the widget to work?

Widgets require JavaScript to be turned on and for the Adobe Flash Player to be installed. Download Adobe Flash here.

Who owns the designs of these clock widgets?

These clock widgets are designed by the team at Splashpress Media. We retain all rights to them and they may not be sold, copied or distributed for any third party commercial purposes.

Can I use these widgets on my website for free?

Yes, all our clock widgets are free to use. We do ask (although it is not a prerequisite) that you retain the link back to our site, as this will help us to produce more high quality clock widgets for your use, as well as let other publishers know where they can find us.

Are you open to requests for new designs or custom orders?

We’re always delighted to hear from you and get your feedback. If you have any suggestions about widgets you think we should add, please email us: info[at]splashpress.com. And we’d be more than happy to design a uniquely customized clock widget for your blog.

Clock Widgets
was designed by our own Ia Lucero. We are planning to add many more timepieces over the coming months- if you have special requests, please do let us know!

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