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Relaunching More Sites

Posted on Mar 9, 2009


About a year ago, we announced the relaunching of a whole bunch of blogs and websites from our network, with new designs, editors and bloggers. It seems that it’s well past the due date to once again report on those sites we have relaunched…

As that previous post indicated as well as “Dealing with Mr Bloggy“, our chief concern was to elevate the sites that were languishing in the Mr Bloggy Network, pick the ones that were worthwhile- then relaunch them as part of Splashpress Media with new designs, concepts, editorial and writing teams.

As we wrote:

“And this process will continue until Mr Bloggy is empty and all sites have been revived successfully and returned to the fold…And what’s to be of poor Mr Bloggy?….I hear you ask. Well…he will be resigned to watering his vegetable patch and counting his marbles….permanently!”

As it turns out, it seems that Mr Bloggy still has some life in him yet 🙂
Mr Bloggy itself has been relaunched as an individual blog where Mr Bloggy travels around the globe reviewing blogs:

“Travel the world from the comfort of your computer screen, as Mr Bloggy hops around blogs from different corners of the world. Mr Bloggy’s taste for both the exotic and mundane is unsatiable, and he will go to the far reaches of the world to tell you about the colorful realm that is blogging. Want to get featured? Submit your blog!”

The design for this blog was done by our own Ia Lucero and the site will be edited by Brian Yalung. It will obviously be operating in conjunction with Bloggy Award, where Noemi Twigg is the editor. Ia has also been busy with many other of our properties and has done new designs for sites such as Widgets Blog, WP Themes Directory, the new premium Cutline Forum, various Performancing Themes and is currently working on a “BuddyPress” site for us.

Having a new design done for a website or blog may not seem like a “relaunch” in concept. But in effect, it always works out to be exactly this, as it is the time that one really takes stock of where the particular site is headed and how it can be improved going forward. Choosing a new editorial team and writers with fresh energy, ideas and hunger for the site to succeed. Changing the focus where it is needed more and adapting to the times according to what the readership (and let’s be honest…advertisers) want. Integrating other elements of the network, so that not only is monetization and content generation thought of, but also how best to leverage our own products and services. For these reasons and more, a “redesign” always turns out to be a “relaunch”. At Splashpress Media, we like every blog to have a unique, individual design- so no free or premium themes are kept up for long. While this may seem an extravagance, there is also a very pragmatic side in that we are able to implement certain strategies from the get-go, rather than as a tweaking job later. And it doesn’t hurt aesthetically speaking to have completely unique designs that nobody else has- for the sake of branding alone.

Reported as relaunched in 2008 were blogs such as Biziki, Parenting Blog, Definition of Philosophy, Downloading Legally, Japan Blog, IT Security Blog, Brewed Coffee, Gaming Blog, Have Laptop Will Travel, Study Driving, Geeks Blog, BizCrunch, The Health Blog, Zero Value, English Blog, Charities Blog and Man Utd Blog.

We’re happy to say that the process since then in terms of dissolving Mr Bloggy’s Network and relaunching the worthwhile sites- is now complete!

Most proactive in helping us achieve this was designer extraordinaire and our current editor at the Blog Herald, Thord Hedengren. He put his unique stamp on sites such as 901am, Blog Herald, Bloggy Award, Blog Network Watch, Devlounge, Wisdump, Blogosphere News, EatonWeb, Blog Search Engine, Jack of All Blogs, Erati, Audival and bLogics. He also sold us Live Arcade Review and Blogger Talks and is currently working on premium magazine-style theme for us: Rogue Theme.

Our relationship has continued with many of our other design partners across the network as well. With Design Disease, sites such as: Blog Tutorials, Gadzooki, Froodee, Travelogger, Photo Blogs, WordPress Philippines, Free WordPress Themes, Feed Vault and Ping My Blog – were all given a makeover and relaunched. With Forty Media and the redesign of Business Logs and acquisition of Pod Basket. With Brian Gardner and WordPress Themes, as well as various Performancing Themes. And of course with Randa Clay with blogs such as Hollywood Blog and Celebrity Chefs, but more significantly Performancing in a variety of projects: Performancing Ads, Performancing Services and the Hive. Randa is currently undertaking the enormous job of redesigning the rest of Performancing, converting the blog from Drupal to WordPress, as well redesigning pMetrics, Performancing Plugins, the forum, creating a dedicated legal resource, a jobs board and a marketplace. More news on this coming soon!

One of our new guru bloggers at Devlounge: Lorraine Nepomuceno, has also done a whole host of new designs for us, including: SEO Blogging, Pro Blogging, Social Platform Journal, Cigar Blog, Yurto, Fashion Hookup, Newspaper Blog, Blogging Forum, Blogging Service, Best Blog List, Blogger Feeds, Blogging Marketing, Ceylon Luxury and Splog Spot Blog. Lorraine is currently working on a redesign of Parenting Blog.

And finally, we can add to the list all these the newly acquired blogs and websites, such as: Blogging Pro, Capitalist Banter, CSS Basics, CSS Star, Make Me a Blogger, Smart PageRank, Twitter Buttons, Widget Bunny, ViScript and XFEP. Look out for all these to be relaunched soon!

For those of you who might be thinking of all this internal reporting as self-indulgence and/or be bored senseless, we would ask you to read this little extract from our very first post when we relaunched this blog 😉

A note of warning for this blog: it’s very much “internal” Splashpress news and focused on our own developments. We’re not going after some huge readership here with any particular views or commentary. If you’re not involved with Splashpress, in fact…even if you are-:), you’re likely to find all the posts in this blog pretty dull.