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Performancing Updates Themes

Posted on Jun 8, 2009

Performancing Themes

Having recently released its 19th free themeTreasure Theme designed by Randa Clay, as announced here a couple of weeks ago, Performancing Themes has turned its attention to updating all previous themes to be compatible with current WordPress versions. We have found that many “free themes” released by designers, such as submitted at our own Free WordPress Themes site, don’t support the theme for users post-release with needed upgrades. This is something that we are keen to avoid at Performancing and we also try our best to support publisher questions either at the PT blog via comments or at the dedicated Perfomancing forum theme support area.

Here was the announcement at Performancing Themes:

Good news to Performancing Themes users who have upgraded to the latest version of WordPress (currently at 2.7.1). We have upgraded most of our theme releases for compatibility with WordPress 2.7+. While the previous theme releases will still work, some might be missing the new functionalities that WP 2.7+ offers, such as post classes, threaded comments, and the like.

You might wish to check out the latest versions of the following:

J. Angelo Racoma echoed this announcement at Performancing itself:

Treasure Theme has recently been released, but did you know that we also released several batches of upgrades for previously-released themes?

Check out the list of updated themes, which includes the following:

The latest batch includes:

While the previous versions of the Perf Themes should work properly with WordPress 2.7 up, you won’t be able to use the advanced features like threaded comments, post classes, built-in image classes and gravatar support (where applicable).

While only a few core files were changed in these, we would recommend backing up your existing theme file, uploading the whole thing, and copying over any modifications you have made, just to be sure.

So if you are using one of our Performancing theme releases, do download the latest editions now!