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Performancing Ads Improves Affiliate System

Posted on Jan 12, 2009

Performancing Ads

Chris Garrett has announced over at the Performancing Ads blog a huge step forward in how the Performancing Ads affiliate system works. Here is the post:

First of all I need to apologize for the problems you have might have experienced with ads either being delayed appearing or being removed from your blog. This was a glitch that was found and solved, but not after some people had frustrations with it. Do let me know if you see the problem appear again!

I was brought in to make improvements and I have to admit the improvements have taken longer than they should have, but I am hoping, with your feedback, things will be much better from here on.

New Affiliate System

Another problem people have been having was with the affiliate system so we are from today moving to a new system that I hope you will find more profitable and MUCH easier to understand.

The old system had problems with transparency and fraud because you were told you would get $10 for each person you signed up.

So of course we get people signing up and referring their other email addresses:-

* [email protected]
* [email protected]
* [email protected]
* [email protected]

To counter this, “fraud prevention” was put in place where any referrals had to have the code up on a site with a region in place for 30 days.

But of course we couldn’t be too transparent about how it worked because the fraudsters would just use it as a blue print to cheat the system.

Now when you are not 100% transparent you annoy the perfectly innocent and honest people who were expecting $10 for each of their referrals when in fact only one of their referrals had installed the code.

So the new system is much easier to understand and has fraud prevention built-in.

Rather than a flat $10 you will get 5% of whatever your referrals buy or sell, ongoing while they remain a member.

So if you refer someone who sells an ad worth $100 you get $5. If you refer someone who buys a $100 ad you get $5. And you keep getting those commissions for each ad they renew or continue to sell.

Make sense?

Before you would get paid once, now if you refer a good blogger or advertiser you will keep getting paid month after month after month!

Feedback Welcome

As always, please let me know if you have questions or problems, either in the comments or using our contact form.

Chris also posted about this change at the Blog Herald:

Performancing Ads has implemented a new affiliate system that will potentially give you a very profitable passive income.

All you need to do is refer people who buy or sell ads. For each person you refer you get a 5% ongoing commission of any ads they sell on their blog or 5% of any ads that they buy.

In the past the system was a flat referral fee, but due to the hidden fraud prevention system people felt cheated when they didn’t get cash for every single referral they added. Also there was no distinction between referring someone who owns an empty blog and referring a technorati 100 a-lister.

This new system should be much more fair all round and way less confusing … we hope!

And the development was also covered by J. Angelo Racoma over at Performancing.

So far the feedback has been good from Performancing Ads affiliates and long may this continue!

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