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New Twitter Buttons Up

Posted on Jun 22, 2009

Twitter Buttons

We’re pleased to announce a new set of 40 uniquely designed Twitter Buttons over at TwitterButtons.com. The new batch can be seen and downloaded here. The buttons were designed by our own Ia Lucero and special notice was paid to the feedback we have received at the blog, where users were asking for more “follow me” choices. As we said when we first introduced the site last March, we will be continuing to add more buttons and functionality over the year.

The new buttons were announced at the Twitter Buttons blog:


We’ve posted 40 new button designs for your choosing, which you can find at http://www.twitterbuttons.com/more5.html. These include chiclet-type buttons, cool and colorful cut-out type “Follow me” buttons, and simple twitter bird outline ones. As with our earlier Twitter buttons, you can find a button that’s just right for your blog, social network profile, or email signature. Just copy and paste the code and you’re good to go.

Here are three more examples of the recent additions:




Please do contact us and let us know any requests that you have for Twitter Buttons, and we will make some especially in your honor 😉 You can also sign up via email or follower the site’s dedicated Twitter account to learn about the latest updates. One very exciting thing in the pipeline is a script we have developed to work in tandem with the buttons, to reflect users’ “follower counts“, of which you can already check out a test button here.

More on that soon…

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