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Latest Bloggy Award Winner

Posted on Aug 3, 2009

Bloggy Award

Finally…after quite a few months, we have had a Bloggy Award Gold Winner! The latest review, judged by our own Noemi Twigg– was for Avant Gaudy, a blog Noemi found to be outstanding as she reviewed:

Avant Gaudy is one of the most unique fashion blogs that I have seen in a while. The name alone should give you an inkling of what is in store for you in this blog.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
Avant Gaudy makes use of a very simple template. Again, this is a perfect example of how simplicity can be of great beauty. Photos – lots of them – make up for the simplicity of the template. For someone who is not really into fashion, I was really taken with the visuals in this blog.

User Friendliness – 10
It is very easy to navigate this blog. There are relevant links within the posts. The archives and the categories are also very accessible in the right column. I did have some issues with page loading times, but I think that it was more due to my Internet connection, which has been acting up all day.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
As I said, I am not that into fashion but I did find myself reading on and on. More than the photos that caught my eyes, I did find tidbits of information in the text that were (surprisingly for me) enjoyable!

Useful Info – 10
People who do not think much of mainstream fashion should take a look at Avant Gaudy. There are tons of tips and ideas with regard to dressing and accessorizing yourself up!

Overall Experience – 10

There is no doubt about it, Avant Gaudy deserves a perfect score and to be a Gold Bloggy Award Winner! Fashionable people, fashionista wannabes, or people like me who do not know much about this world – Avant Gaudy just might hold what you need and want.

Congratulations to Avant Gaudy who is now in prestigious company as a listed winner!

Bloggy Award is one of the oldest and most respected blog review sites out there and in the past we have felt that the honor of displaying the Bloggy Award badge on one’s blog as a winner was enough. However, we are now planning to reward winners further by giving them free services and products from our network, including: free subscription to Eaton Web, free (premier) use of pMetrics, free membership to the Hive and free web hosting for your blog!!

So do submit your blog now for a chance to win these great prizes! 🙂