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Introducing Our New Editor: Jayvee Fernandez

Posted on Jun 1, 2009


We have a new addition to the Splashpress Media team: Jayvee Fernandez. Jayvee is taking over the reigns of Editor, ensuring open channels of communication across the growing number of site managers, bloggers, contributors, editors, and network staff. Our former editor, J. Angelo Racoma, will still very much be part of our team and staying on as Assistant Editor.

If you’ve read The Tipping Point and believe Malcolm Gladwell‘s three classification of marketers as mavens, connectors, salesmen or a combination thereof, Jayvee falls under the second type as a firm believer in the quality of relationships you build your community upon. He’s been a community organizer in his previous job that had nothing to do with the Internet, and it seems to be fate that brings him into more community building endeavors, apparently more on the Internet.

Jayvee has been a regular contributor to The Blog Herald and Performancing since January and has had a full 360 degree background in print and online media for more than five years. He’s a jack of all trades having filled in slots for editorial, marketing and advertising for content.

Before joining us, Jayvee served as editor to a stable of technology blogs under b5media Inc. Prior to blogging, Jayvee was involved in corporate altruism in the real estate industry. An educator by degree, he also facilitates a course on Internet Marketing to graduate students in the Philippines, a country where we have a strong presence with such projects at WordPress Philippines.

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