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Japan Blog: A Journey To Perfection

Posted on Apr 20, 2009

Japan Blog

I think most people will agree that the Japanese Culture is a fascinating one. It is unlike anywhere else in the world, and although it can be sometimes a little too alien, especially to the Westerner (remember Bill and Scarlett?), one cannot help but be interested and curious.

Take the corporate culture in Japan, for instance. While their counterparts in the West took private jets, built large mansions and even larger bonuses, the CEOs of Japan took public transport, pay cuts (or unbelievably, no pay at all!) and ate at the office canteen.

In Japan, love for technology and nature coexist peacefully, as people excitedly welcome the coming of each season with festivals – like the Sakura or Cherry Blossom, which starts a flurry of parties, special food and sake and all things pink. And don’t forget the Plum Festival, the Children’s Festival, the Beer Festival (if you haven’t tried Japanese beer you are missing out!) and so many more! Needless to say, while they have a strong discipline when it comes to business and work, the Japanese also love to enjoy themselves, and also love to use new technology as much as possible (they get new cellphones at least twice a year!).

Then there are the Geishas, the Sumos, the Sushi (oh, the sushi!), Ikebana, Anime, and did we mention the sushi? Tokyo now has a Michelin Guide, and was described by Michelin Guides Director Jean-Luc Naret as the: “shining star in the world of cuisine”.

With so much to learn and experience in Japan, we are happy to share our discoveries of this fascinating land with you at our Japan Blog. It is indeed a journey to perfection. We also hope that we can recommend affordable Japan hotels to our readers, as one knows that one of the drawbacks to potentially traveling to this beautiful country is the high level of expense. We also have another website in our network acting as a huge portal of information on Japan: Japan Discovery. And one further plug 🙂 is our website on Sushi in Hong Kong.

The name for our Japan Blog was inspired by the wonderful film: Memoirs of a Geisha and we launched it in January, 2006. It features a stunning design by Randa Clay and the content is provided by an authentic Japanese connoisseur, Maki– we hope that you will enjoy the journey with us in our quest to truly discover Japan and its culture

Kampai! 😉

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