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Get Your Splashpress T-Shirts!

Posted on Nov 16, 2009

Splashpress Tee

We’re happy to announce the launch of the Splashpress Media online store! Do visit and check out our products– they come in all shapes & sizes and there are some quite sassy ones amongst them! Many thanks to Jayvee Fernandez, for putting all these together and to Dave Clough for his design work.

Here are some other t-shirts from three of our more popular sites- Forever Geek, Devlounge and Performancing:

ForeverGeek Tee

Double D Tee

Performancing TeeWe’ll be adding more products from our other popular sites as we move into 2010, such as for the Blog Herald, 901am and Celebrific. You may have already seen a preview of the 9rules t-shirts over at the 9rules blog. And there will soon be baseball caps for all the sites we promote in this store, as you can see with our Splashpress Media sample cap.

Mostly, these t-shirts and other related products will be used as giveaways (please excuse our models- underpaid by a long shot!) at blog conferences and other promotional events… we’re certainly not looking to make our millions with this enterprise!

Anyone who is part of our team, including site managers and bloggers– should have received an email offering a free t-shirt as a “thank you” from Splashpress Media for their loyalty and dedication to our network. We have received many confirmations already, but before we do this bulk order and arrange shipment in early December, please do contact us and let us know your choice (including size!), so that we can include you… 🙂