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Posted on Apr 27, 2009

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It is a prerequisite these days for any online business to communicate with its users via Twitter. The fact that many major offline companies have yet to do so makes surprising reading, as Thord Hedengren reported at the Blog Herald:

The Royal Pingdom blog continues to do and publish interesting studies. The latest one is about how many of the top IT companies that are represented on Twitter, or even in control of their brand, and the result is a depressing one indeed:

Alas, our Pingdom poll of 100 Fortune 500 IT-companies (full table below) showed that 67 of them can be hard to find with a name search, as they don’t use Twitter accounts which have the same names as their company name.

That’s 67%, a staggering number, that just don’t get Twitter. Perhaps a bit harsh, but true nevertheless. Maybe they are more inclined to get their Twitter account under control now that even Oprah’s doing it?

And even a savvy blog network like b5 Media also seems to have been pretty late to the party, as again reported at the Blog Herald. We can hardly claim to have been fast off the block ourselves! J. Angelo Racoma announced the opening of our main Twitter account over at Performancing:

I’ve always thought that immersing oneself in social media is best done through individuals rather than an organization or a group. But in our case, Splashpress itself is deeply involved in social media (or so we’d like to think) that it’s probably high time we got the network its own Twitter account. Hey, the Blog Herald has its own @blogherald, so why shouldn’t Splashpress?

And so please do follow @splashpress for updates, tips, and other hopefully intellectual discussions about social media and whatnot. Several of us editors would be contributing here, including my colleagues from the Blog Herald, 901am.com, Forever Geek, and other established and up-and-coming brands.

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