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Create Your Own Twitter League

Posted on Aug 31, 2009

Twitter League

We are pleased to introduce a new free application that we have recently added to our network: Twitter League.

Twitter League is a Twitter app where a user logs in using OAuth via Twitter. From there users can create a league of Twitter users. The league can be ordered based on various data- number of followers, number following, number of updates, name alphabetically and so on. Users can have as many leagues as they like and these can be updated at any time.

There are 3 different ways of embedding the league on a web page: a JavaScript embed option, XML feed and a JSON feed. There is full API documentation for the latter two options and an extra feed containing all the ways you can order the league.

The site was developed by the impressive Ollie Parsley and it has already been featured on some premier sites, including:

* Techcrunch

* TweetTweet.me

* TechJuicer

* Twitterapps.co.uk

* TweeterStuff

* List.io

It was also featured as one of the Top 25 Twitter Creations at I Am Paddy.

Here are some examples of sites embedding the leagues:

** British Telecom

** Dorset County Council, UK

** Footy Tweets

** Just Practicing

To date, there are more than 50,000 users embedding the leagues in their sites.

Please contact us for any further inquiries you have about this neat Twitter App. Also, check out the blog at the site for updates, or the dedicated Twitter account.