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All About BuddyPress

Posted on Sep 14, 2009


We are happy to announce the launch of the latest addition to our design network: BuddyPress.net, perhaps obviously….all about BuddyPress. The site was developed & designed by Lorraine Nepomuceno and takes a comprehensive look at this relatively new platform created by the Automattic team.

Here are 10 reasons given why you should use BuddyPress:

1) It’s built on WordPress MU, in itself a great community builder, since it lets you have multiple blogs for one WordPress installation.

2) Built-in Private Messages. So many people rely on instant messaging today, this nifty feature of BuddyPress almost makes the entire plugin suite worth it.

3) Widgets, Widgets, Widgets. If you don’t like to tinker too much with the innerworkings of WordPress, you’ll love BuddyPress’ default home theme, which allows you to add and remove widgets on the fly.

4) Optional bbPress forum. Great for product or service support, or simply discussions on your niche topic.

5) Instant Site Wide Activity feed. Perhaps the coolest thing about BuddyPress- you can immediately feature what’s happening across all your member blogs right on your front page, without the need for additional plugins.

6) Make money. It’s easy with BuddyPress: you can charge a membership fee (see our post on GigaOm pro as an example), or place ads on your member profile pages and on their blogs.

7) Extended profiles for your members. People love filling out their profiles (hello, Facebook?)- with BuddyPress you can add and remove as many profile fields as you like for your members to fill out.

8. BuddyPress has it’s own version of Facebook’s “Wall”. It’s called “the Wire”, and, much like the Wall, it’s somewhere users can post messages to a specific piece of content. So, your members can have Wires, and each article can have a Wire, too.

9) Groups. Yes, groups! Your BuddyPress community is already a group on the web, of course. BuddyPress’ Groups feature lets your users form their own groups within your group. Great for social networking.

10) Cool stuff a-coming. Among the features that are coming soon are Photo Albums for your members, and Twitter-esque Status Updates. BuddyPress is not standing still- and that’s probably the best reason to use it.

Other sections at the site include:

* What is BuddyPress?

* BuddyPress FAQ

* How to Install BuddyPress

* BuddyPress Resources

* BuddyPress Themes 101

We have also done some BuddyPress Sightings featuring Wikiroma, WannaNetwork and GigaOm Pro.

All in all, Buddy-Press.net is the most comprehensive external resource on this innovative new social media platform around!!