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WordPress Philippines: Fostering Community in the Philippine Blogosphere

Posted on Mar 24, 2008

The Philippines has one of the more active blogging communities in this side of Asia, and I can say a good number of Filipinos have made it big in the blogging scene–whether earning from their blogs, or simply sharing their thoughts with the rest of the online community.

WordPress Philippines

Firstly, consider that offshore blogging has been called the “most explosive blogging issue of 2008” by Tony Hung, our former editor for the Blog Herald. In his article, he considers the massive opportunity of off shoring writing work to countries where the cost of living is low and English is an official language. Sure, anyone can write English well, but perhaps the Filipino culture (highly Westernized because of decades of Western colonization) would enable Filipinos to connect better to our western counterparts–both the blog readers and fellow blog authors. This can be a plus to Filipino bloggers who wish to write for blog networks.

Secondly, Filipinos are known to be very adept at using social media tools (though this might come as a shock to most). For one, we are among the top users of social networking site Friendster, which is actually the #1 site that Filipino users access, according to Alexa. And among the top 10 sites, three other new media outfits are included, such as Multiply, YouTube and Blogger. How’s that for a new media society?

Still, fostering community requires more than just being active in the social media scene. It’s not enough to be just islands of information. We think that it’s a great idea to have a single place where people can mingle and have meaningful exchanges as a community.

Add to that the fact that some of our current and former Splashpress Media editors, project managers, designers and contributors are Filipino. Then there’s good reason to celebrate the contributions of our country to the world of new media.

For this we have decided to launch WordPress Philippines, which we envision to be the premier community site for WordPress users and bloggers in the Philippines. Actually, it is likely that this would be a good place where Filipino bloggers from around the globe can mingle–yes, Filipinos are spread around the world, with about 3% of the country’s citizens living abroad, working in various professions and callings.

One characteristic of WordPress Philippines is the use of Technorati and del.icio.us tags to let community members publish links on the WordPress Philippines homepage. Bloggers can have their posts linked from the front page under the second column “Latest Philippine Blog Entries” by adding a Technorati tag to their blog posts: either Philippines or wordpressph.

Meanwhile, users can have their blog posts or just about any website linked from the front page under the third column “Latest News” by saving that particular page as a del.icio.us bookmark with the tag wordpressph.

Also, the site features download areas of various WordPress-related software authored by Filipinos or found to be relevant to the Filipino blogging community, including WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, and other downloads.

And for to help Filipino bloggers from all over the world communicate with one another, be it in private or in public, we have the WordPress Philippines community forums.

And last but not the least, at the helm of WordPress Philippines (aside from myself, of course) is our own head of programming, Ia Lucero, who is an accomplished designer. She is very much experienced with conceptualizing and executing WordPress theme designs. Ia also manages a handful of our other blog-related portals and services, such as Feed Vault, Free WordPress Themes and Blogosphere News, as well as producing some top quality themes for our other network blogs.

J. Angelo Racoma
Editor in Chief
and a Filipino WordPress blogger

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