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Will Vacher: Dealing with your Hosting needs

Posted on Mar 3, 2008

Ultimately your websites are only as good as the hardware and connection they rely on. If the connection or equipment that runs your site fails then your site has no hope! One of the biggest lessons we have all had to learn is that “you’re only as good as your host”. When I was starting out as a solo webpreneur (with only a handful of blogs) I was lucky enough to have a techy friend (you know the type..) who had his own servers and knew everything there was to know about keeping websites online.

Ideally, what we all need is a friend who just knows how these things work and can give us some space on his server. Then, like me in my early days, we can get on with the things we do best while our buddy takes care of all the technical hassle for us.

Sometimes you get lucky with your hosting company and find that your account manager, or the technician you communicate with the most, remembers your name and gives you a great service time after time. I call this kind of person a “hostfriend”. This one guy can become the
key to keeping downtime to a minimum for you and your sites. You find yourself staying with a company just because of the relationship you have with your hostfriend. A good hostfriend will also be able to fix problems quickly that would otherwise cause you time and money. We
have a member of staff who is ready to become your ‘hostfriend’. In an ideal world, all webmasters would have a friend like Will Vacher.

Here is more about Will in his own words:

“My day to day duties involve a great mixture of things- from working on helpdesk tickets to having one to one phone chats with clients who need a problem solved. I might find myself jumping across the internet between servers to check on reports from other team managers or strategising on how best to serve Splashpress’ latest mini-network of niche-content sites.

It’s true I do take the mainstay of my job satisfaction from being able to work directly with clients rather than just managing a team of technicians (although I enjoy doing that too). This job can be isolating so allowing clients to message me, send me an email or just pick up a phone to get in touch can break up my day into a really rewarding sequence of events. They also tend to yell at me less than other Splashpress members…”

If you feel a “hostfriend” like Will might be useful in your business, then why not send an email to: [email protected] or head over to one of our web hosting companies like Colorteck, Elahost or USwebhosting.