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Travelogger: Bitten by the Bug

Posted on Jul 21, 2008


We’ve been bitten! By the travel bug, that is. Whether it be by plane, bus, car, train or foot, our travel bloggers at Splashpress Media‘s Travelogger have been circling the globe (and even beyond) to give our readers the scoop on what travel in the 21st century is all about.

This year at Travelogger were taking on a new, more personal approach to travel. We’re not just talking about the annual family vacation, the quick weekend getaway or the sneaky side trip after the conference. Don’t worry, we’ll still be updating our roster of top places to visit this year, our favourite places to eat and stay, and we’ll still be tipping our readers on what they need to know before they set off on any destination – from the art of packing to what websites offer a kosher deal with minimum hassle.

We’re talking about the travelers themselves, ourselves. Experiences, adventures and misadventures, what it was like to actually walk the walk instead of just talk the walk, so to speak. We’ll feature the most significant travelers of our time, the latest books and articles written which we feel shape the world we live in today and why its so important to discover it all.

So be a real traveller, join us on our exiting journey at Travelogger remembering the words of the great Tennessee Williams:

“Make Voyages! Attempt them……there’s nothing else…”.