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Study Driving the Blogging Way

Posted on Sep 15, 2008

Study Driving

Traveling involves getting from point A to B, right? Not always. When you’re on the road, you have to be sure of your safety. You have to be sure you know where you’re going. And you have to make sure the rig you’re driving can bring you there in one piece.

Study Driving was created as a blog with this in mind–to share the message of safe, responsible and smart driving.

Driving is a topic that many of us take for granted. Sure, you can consider yourself a good driver, or even an expert driver. But what about the other people on the road? If they’re not as good, your life (and theirs) could be in potential danger. What about other automotive-related stuff, like troubleshooting, road courtesy, emergency situations, and the like? Looks like driving is not just about steering, speeding up and braking, is it?

Study Driving is a blog for drivers and auto enthusiasts of all kinds. Here we talk about driving tips and techniques ranging from the simplest lessons for beginners, to defensive driving techniques, to advanced maneuvers. More importantly, we talk about safety tips, troubleshooting, and how to be a good driver in terms of road courtesy and decency.

Originally run by one of our own editors, J. Angelo Racoma, as his personal blog on automotive and driving topics, Splashpress Media acquired the site and did a visual make-over, care of resident designer Ia Lucero. The blog (now managed by Marcel) continues to write about automotive safety, driving tips and techniques, and news about the latest in the auto industry.

Driving is not just about steering, and stepping on pedals. It’s a way of life and it deserves to be studied the blogging way!