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Splashpress Media Acquires CSS Star

Posted on Jun 30, 2008

CSS Star

There was a time when CSS galleries and directories were such hot properties on the Web, often fetching absurd resale prices or bids in auction sites. We think this is one indication that the people who read and use web sites and apps value great design. After all, the usability and robustness of the interface of a website or web application are what catch the attention of users. First impressions do matter. And beyond that, a site’s look and feel would tell you whether a user would keep on returning.

That’s why among our many other design-oriented blogs and portals in the network, Splashpress Media has decided to acquire and relaunch CSS Star.

CSS Star is a free gallery of well-designed websites. The main driving force behind CSS Star is to highlight the best sites, ideas or designs made respecting quality standards. The editors behind CSS Star regularly pick a website that well-designed in terms of aesthetic and user interface.

CSS Star is managed by one of our resident design gurus, Ia Lucero, who is always on the hunt for well-designed websites, and regularly posts these on the site. CSS Star, which features a rating and ranking system through which readers can rate how good a site looks (or how usable it is). The site’s commenting system will soon follow.

CSS Star is but one of the several design-related publications that Splashpress Media offers. These include Wisdump, Devlounge, WordPress Themes, and Free WordPress Themes, each with its own place and purpose.

December 5th at 4 PM ET