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Splashpress Media acquires BloggerTalks

Posted on Oct 27, 2008


Thord Hedengren, WordPress design guru and prolific blogger, has announced over at his personal blog that Splashpress Media has bought his blogging interview site: BloggerTalks.

One of my first sites in English was the interview blog BloggerTalks. I started it because I was genuinely interested in what successful bloggers and entrepreneurs in the blogosphere had to say about obvious things, like how they got successful, and whatever was in the loop at the moment. I’m proud to say that I think there is some top notch interviews that everyone should read over at BloggerTalks. Just browse the interview archives and see for yourself.

However, during the last year or so, I just haven’t been able to keep up the weekly updating schedule I had planned. I’ve been offered a lot of help, and I’d like to give Tony Hung especially a big thank you, for being there early on.

The plain fact is that I just can’t make BloggerTalks as good as I want it to be, and I don’t want to let it drift off into nothingness, with an interview every month or so.

Better sell it. So I did, to the owners of The Blog Herald, which I’m the editor of. I’m certain that Splashpress Media can make something bigger and better out of BloggerTalks, building upon the foundation of a site that, I can honestly say, is quite good.


While I’m at it, I also sold Live Arcade Review. I just couldn’t lift it back to a decent updating schedule, so better someone else managing it. Splashpress Media picked it up too, and they have already made sure that the excellent Mega Man 9 got reviewed. I’m happy to see it living and breathing again, if a game blog can do that.

So what’s left in English? Well, me and Rickard are still doing some updates to the Age of Conan blog Living Hyboria, and then there’s this site, but that’s about it. That works perfectly well for me right now, since I’ve got enough freelance writing gigs to keep me occompanied.

A big thank you to all the readers these past years! It’s been a blast.

This is an acquisition that we had no hesitation in making, as it fits perfectly in our new media niche of sites, including the likes of: Blogging Pro, 901am, the Blog Herald, Performancing, XFEP, Bloggy Award and Tubetorial. However, unlike many of these sites (which do have occasional interviews), BloggerTalks concentrates exclusively on in-depth interviews with personalities from around blogosphere. Previous interviewees include: Darren Rowse, Chris Pearson, Mike Rundle, Muhammad Saleem, Howard Lindzon, Jim Kukral, Alex King, Lorelle VanFossen and Duncan Riley.

Jeff Chandler, who has been doing such a fantastic job over at Performancing, will be the new editor at BloggerTalks. Jeff has been conducting some great interviews over at PerfCast, including a recent one with Deborah Ng of Freelance Writing Gigs. You can already see his first interview with Christina Warren. And our very own David Jones, better known for his ability to sell ice to eskimos, has taken up the challenge of being the new blogger for Live Arcade Review, more for pleasure than work and to feed his Xbox 360 compulsions!

It was a pleasure doing this deal with Thord. We have done some great work together over the last year or so. On the design front: Jack of All Blogs, Blog Search Engine, Audival, 901am, the Blog Herald, Eaton Web, Blog Network Watch, Blogger Jobs, Bloggy Award, Blogosphere News, Devlounge, Wisdump, Erati, Have Laptop Will Travel, bLogics and some free Performancing themes, including: Estranged and One in a Million. And on the blogging front, as former editor of Wisdump and the current editor of Devlounge and the Blog Herald. It has been an honour to work with Thord on all of these projects and we are sure that we will be doing many more exciting things together in the future. In fact, right now we are working on a premium theme, which will include some neat plugins.

So go and check out BloggerTalks and follow Jeff in his quest to interview the latest and greatest from blogosphere!