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Social Media Marketing

Posted on Mar 17, 2008

Social Media Marketing

In a previous post, we announced the the launch of “Authority Builder“, a dynamic service from Performancing Services.

Here we explore another another fantastic service from the team at Performancing: Social Media Marketing.

Does your site need a link boost?

Could your site benefit from more visitors?

Would you like the big blogs to take notice of you?

Engage the Performancing team to put your site on the map!

Viral Link Building is an Essential Website Promotion Strategy

Any site owner knows how difficult and slow growing your links and traffic can be. With our Social Media Marketing service you can jump start your website visibility and create a far greater viral effect in a much shorter time frame. Within 24 hours you will see a flood of readers plus many new links and bookmarks. Permanent inbound links will grow organically over following days so as well as a terrific initial spike in traffic you also get a long-lasting lift in search visibility and referral visitors.

Every website needs traffic. How would you like to see your hit counter rocket along with a leg-up in the search engine rankings? Especially if your site is new you need to somehow make your site stand out in an ever-more crowded marketplace.

With our Social Media Marketing Service:

* Your site is put on the map
* You will gain links from major blogs, portals and sites
* Visitors and search engines will take more notice
* Branding and visibility is increased immediately while generating long term link traffic
* An approach that major search engines love!

We saw a huge spike from this service. On the day that the linkbait was promoted, our unique hits climbed by 9500 visitors and our bandwidth rose by 800MB. Long term the post has attracted good traffic to the site. We would most definitely use this service again!” ~ Watchpart CEO

For more details about this unique and formidable service, get in touch with the Performancing team now!

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