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Simplicity Theme Released

Posted on Feb 25, 2008

has released its latest free theme for February: Simplicity. As Ryan Caldwell announced at Performancing blog:

Performancing is glad to announce the release of its latest premium quality WordPress Theme, brought to you by the designers at the 449. The Simplicity Theme is not only clean and bright, but it also features big bold headlines that will grab your readers’ attention.

My initial impression is that the Simplicity Theme would do very well as a financial blog as well as tech and web 2.0. It would also work well for any environmental or “green” themed blog.

In addition to the beautiful design, the code is clean and highly optimized, supports widgets and also the new tag feature in the last versions of WordPress.

And at Performancing Themes itself:

The Simplicitly theme for WordPress by Performancing is designed to be easily customizable, without compromising on aesthetics. It’s the perfect starting point for any WordPress blog.

It’s a simple theme, with a hint of Magazine style, that is easy to build upon and is easily customizable through support of widgets and super-clean code. Simplicity is engineered to be highly accessible, work beautifully with a screen reader and uses the hAtom microformat.

Simplicitly is built to the latest WordPress functionality with full support for built in tagging and widgets.

Simplicity is the first collaboration by Performancing with the449, a UK-based collective of designers. Simplicity was conceptualized and executed by the449, and is being distributed by Performancing under the Performancing Themes for WordPress brand.

View a live demo of the theme here.
Download the theme here.

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