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Rubidious Theme for WordPress

Posted on Jul 7, 2008

Performancing has released its latest free theme for June. Ryan Caldwell announced over at the Performancing blog:

Performancing is pleased to release its latest free WordPress Theme, Rubidious (Latin term for “deepest red”). As the name suggests, the thing that sticks out about this theme is the deep hues of red that it uses, which create a magnificent contrast to the white content area.

The left sidebar of this theme is well-suited for navigational elements and the right sidebar is perfect for recent posts/comments, advertisements, and other larger elements.

If you like dark red and want your content to “pop” then Rubidious might be a great WordPress theme for you.

And over at Performancing Themes itself:

Rubidious is a three-column theme sporting deep hues of red and blue. The theme name is based on the chemical element Rubidium, which comes from the Latin term for “deepest red”.

Two light-on-dark sidebars sit on opposite sides of the main content. The left sidebar is called “menu” in the Widgets configuration page (WordPress 2.5), and is ideally made for navigational elements like links various subpages. The theme supports WordPress 2.5’s avatar features, though it should work with WordPress 2.3 just fine.

Congratulations to Ia Lucero for a fabulous design!

Click here to preview the theme.

Click here to download the theme.

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