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Relaunching More Blogs

Posted on May 5, 2008


We have been busy behind the scenes working on a whole host of our blogs- redesigning them and finding top, dedicated writers, to relaunch them with the aim of renewed impetus and momentum. This is in line with our previously outlined strategy of “graduating” blogs from Mr Bloggy’s Network and bringing them into Splashpress Media‘s fold. This is by no means the sum of all the blogs that we have had redesigned or found new editors and writers for (just check out the new Wisdump, for example..)- it is more just to report on those blogs that were dead and buried and are now being brought back to life!!

Here are just a few examples of recently relaunched blogs:


Yet another design makeover by Thord Hedengren (don’t you just love the logo from “The Office”?)- Biziki has been relaunched as a premier blog on business and professional blogging. With a new blogger on board- Frank, Biziki promises to get back to its former glory.

Parenting Blog

With a stunning new design by Ia Lucero and professional fulltime Mom Lara giving her insights, Parenting Blog promises to yet again become one of the top resources in its niche.

Definition of Philosophy

Randa Clay really goes out on a limb with this sublime design, while Avatar gives excellent insight for the layman in philosophical academia.

Downloading Legally

Another great design by Ia Lucero and a dedicated, expert writer- Nick – is hopefully going to bring Downloading Legally to its full potential.

Japan Blog

Randa Clay did us proud with this beautiful design, while Maki fills us in on the latest trends and eccentricities from Japan.

IT Security Blog

A wonderfully tailor-made new design by Ia Lucero, with Saran continuing his spot on content.

Brewed Coffee

Markku Seguerra did a fantastic job for us with this design, while the java queen continues to do her stuff.

Gaming Blog

Once again, Ia Lucero delivered a masterpiece with this redesign, while sharker carries on capturing the latest and best that the gaming world has to offer.

Have Laptop Will Travel

Thord Hedengren delivers a classic design for HLWT, while Mel, of Forever Geek renown, continues to keep his audience engaged with fresh, incisive content. Thord writes on Devlounge that he broke the mold for this one!

Study Driving

Ia Lucero has done an ultra chic new design for this- check out the Rolls Royce image! Marcel continues to educate the uninitiated on learning to drive.

Geeks Blog

Lorraine Nepomuceno
did a charming and clever design for us here, while Nick continues to give us all the latest geeky news.

Biz Crunch

Randa Clay
hits a home run once more with a stunning design, while Gordon continues his engaging articles on business practices.

The Health Blog

A wonderful design by Ia Lucero that truly encapsulates the positive aspect on gaining important information about your health, and a gem of writer in Charlie who delivers that crucial message.

Zero Value

An innovative design by Chris Jennings, while David has been joined by Hannah in the delivery of great content about how you can survive the current real estate crisis in the US- nay, even profit.

English Blog

Randa Clay did another beautiful design here capturing the quintessential English spirit, while Jodie carries on the blab about Old Blighty.

Charities Blog

Ia Lucero does her usual perfectionist job with this new design, while Merve continues his insatiable enthusiasm for charitable projects.

Man Utd Blog

Randa Clay does another extraordinary design for this blog dedicated to Manchester United, capturing the great tradition of the club and winning spirit of the team. Meanwhile, Varun continues to follow the team’s progress through the season with his unique, personal analysis and sense of humour.

Our huge thanks to Thord, Ia and Randa– who did the majority of these redesigns. You were great to work with and we hope that these fruitful relationships will carry on well into the future! Our thanks also to the other designers who have helped Splashpress Media become a better looking blog network, as well as all the individual bloggers- without you, we would have nothing to deliver to our readers.

Watch this space as we work on more new designs and recruit talented bloggers for our network of blogs…

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