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An SEO Treasure Hunt

Posted on Jan 12, 2008

To celebrate its 2nd successful year running, Performancing held a massive online Treasure Hunt. The hunt garnered a lot of attention and participants, lured by the chance to win some great prizes.

The basic idea was this. The Performancing team selected a phrase that they felt was essential for online success. The phrase had 6 words and the goal was to figure it out. The first person who messaged with the correct answer was the winner. Well after 6 days of clues which were scattered around the web, Kiltak from Geeks are Sexy proved that geeks are also clever enough to win a treasure hunt.

You can check out all the clues that were hidden in anchor texts here.

& a sample clue to whet your appetite-:

Clue #5: “Brian Clark teaches wannabes

What? “I thought you just got done saying that Brian’s program was top notch…now you’re insulting him?” Nah…I’m a Brian Clark wannabe. I personally think that Brian has had the single most positive and lasting influence on the blogosphere through his site Copyblogger….period. I think everyone should want to be a Brian Clark wannabe.

Ok. So what are you supposed to do with the clue?

Well, here’s a 4 step algorithm for how to use the clue.

1. Do a Google search on the exact clue phrase.
2. Visit any page on the Internet that shows up in the Google SERPS for that phrase.
3. Once you are on the page, find only the *outbound* links in the article.
4. Write down the first letter of the domains of any *outbound* links.

So that’s how you get started. The earlier you start searching, the better, because the less chance there is of SERP corruption by mischiefs;-)

Here’s what Kiltak won after unraveling all the clues first:

1. 1 hour free consultation with Chris Garret (value $150)
2. Free custom logo from Randa Clay (value $350)
3. 1-year free Professional MegaEdition subscription to PMetrics (value $99)
4. Professional linkbait service – 1 linkbait plus promotion (value $2,000)
5. Blog Reboot – a step-by-step report on how to improve your blog (value $500)
6. SEO Reboot – free keyword research report + SERPs analysis (value $350)
7. Custom tweak / install of Brian Gardner’s Revolution theme (value $500)
8. A free lifetime submission to the EatonWeb Blog Directory (value priceless)