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Performancing Ads Update

Posted on Aug 12, 2008


As Ryan Caldwell reports over at Performancing, things are going well after just one week since Performancing Ads launched:

1. Over 1300 blogs and websites added to our marketplace

2. Over 450 ads created and booked in our system

3. Thousands of dollars in advertiser buys

says that “publishers love Performancing Ads” and cites Deborah Ng from Freelance Writing Gigs as an example:

Since enrolling in the PerformancingAds, at least two ad regions for my blog have been booked a week. Many times all four regions are booked. Payment is prompt and support is top-notch. I earned more during six weeks with PerfAds than a year with Blogads.

Obviously, as reported in the update to our last post, we have been greatly helped by the exposure given to Performancing Ads in and around blogosphere, including by: Darren Rowse, David Peralty, Chris Garrett, Randa Clay, J. Angelo Racoma, Kevin Muldoon, Char, Gyutae Park, Navjot Singh, Anil Gupta and many, many more. This success has been compounded by superb results from our partnerships with such blogs as John Chow and Copyblogger, as well as strongly promoting it across our own properties (Blog Herald, Forever Geek, etc) and those of our partners, such as PopCrunch, College Startup and so on. We are aggressively seeking the best advertisers for the network and have some very exciting partnerships developing in that area.

Our work at Performancing Ads is never finished and we are constantly looking to see how the system can be improved. We continue to gain feedback from both publishers (special thanks to members of our Hive Community) and advertisers, and are lucky to have someone like Sean Hickey working for us- able to fix and implement such changes seamlessly and quickly. At the top of that list is a request from advertisers to be able to browse based on price and a request from publishers to use javascript (this is now done, as reported by Ryan Caldwell at Performancing). Meanwhile, the “ad bundles” feature is almost ready for release, which will enable publishers to put together their various blog properties into attractive packages, which will in turn give advertisers many more opportunities for dynamic exposure.

So if you haven’t done so already, head over to Performancing Ads today!!