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Performancing Ads Launches!

Posted on Jul 28, 2008


We at Splashpress Media have been working very hard on building the ultimate advertising solution for both blog publishers and advertisers, and last Friday it finally came to fruition!

As Ryan Caldwell announced over at the Performancing blog:

Today, we are glad to open up PerformancingAds to the public. PerformancingAds is an ad marketplace for the 125×125 format, which has slowly become the format of choice for bloggers.

Although there are many new features in the pipeline, and improvements are being made daily, we have been successfully running the network in private beta on dozens of high-volume blogs and websites for months and are glad to open it up for public use.

Here are 10 reasons we think bloggers should give PerformancingAds a try.

1. It’s open to all publishers

That’s right. We accept popular, well-established blogs as well upcoming blogs. If you have a blog or website and want to feature 125×125 ads on your site, you can join PerformancingAds. And the more your site grows, the more exposure it gets in the marketplace.

2. Create and book your own ads

In addition to selling ads, all blog publishers can book their own 125×125 ads. You can use PerformancingAds to promote affiliate offers on your site. Or maybe even promote flagship content like this:

3. Expose your site to more advertisers

We chose to have advertisers buy in 1 week increments for a reason. It lowers the thresold for advertiser entry, increasing the number of advertisers in the system, and ultimately making you more money.

4. Be part of the largest 125×125 marketplace on the Internet

We are quickly becoming the largest (and most diverse) network of publishers for the 125×125 ad format. Get exposure in the very first place that advertisers will go when looking to book 125×125 ads. Some of the great sites in our marketplace include Freelance Writing Gigs, Geeks are Sexy, Candy Addict and Business Pundit.

5. Free ad space through our publisher exchange program

All publishers in our ad network earn credits either by A) selling ads or B) showing other publisher ads in empty spots. Credits are then spent by getting free ad space on similar sites. It’s a win-win situation. Everyone gets more exposure.

6. Built by publishers for publishers

PerformancingAds was designed from the ground up by established publishers. We built it with you in mind.

7. An amazing affiliate program

Can you say recurring income? Did you know that the vast majority of affiliate programs on the net only pay you a flat fee. Each month you have to start over from scratch. With PerformancingAds affiliate program, you have the opportunity to build the ultimate source of passive income.

8. We are working for YOU

We have a professional ad sales team in place that is agressively pursuing ad partnerships for the sites in our network. Joining PerformancingAds is like getting your own direct ad sales team.

9. Get paid quickly

You get paid on the 1st of the month immediately following the advertisers’ purchase. No waiting for 30 or 60 days.

10. Make more money

It’s simple. You want to make more money. PerformancingAds gives you the chance to get the most exposure possible for your 125×125 ad space.

And Chris Garrett mirrors Ryan‘s enthusiasm over at the Blog Herald:

Some highlights:

* Open to all publishers big and small
* Book your own ads for free
* Gain free traffic through the “exchange” program
* Recurring commission from affiliate referral program
* and of course buy and sell ads!

If you have a space in your blog then this is at least well worth a try. In fact as a publisher I much prefer these sorts of ads over Adsense and I will tell you why …

What advice do you get when you ask how to make more than a few pennies from Adsense?

* Put your ads right in your content
* Blend the color and format to match your content
* Put the ads where visitors will click anyway by mistake (navigation, sidebar)
* .. etc etc

Basically, Adsense encourages you to be abusive to your visitors, or at least encourages you to drive your visitors away via your Ads (you only get paid when you send visitors away).

With weekly or monthly paid banners you do not need to do these kinds of things and you get paid for having an engaged audience of the correct demographic, not for efficiently driving people away. Adsense promotes a high bounce rate, Performancing Ads promotes having an audience.

This project has been built from the bottom up using the best minds in the business- be they top-level programmers like Sean Hickey and Damian Manifold, renowned blog marketing experts such as Chris Garrett and Ryan Caldwell, prestigious designer Randa Clay and a highly experienced sales team headed up by Luis Escalante, formerly of Federated Media. We have brainstormed and beta tested over and over, trying to find the perfect balance- offering the best opportunities to both advertisers and publishers and we strongly believe in the product that we built in all its elements. Of course there is always room for improvement, so do please give us your feedback!

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Get started with Performancing Ads today!