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PerfCast is Back

Posted on Sep 8, 2008


After a short break, Performancing has brought back its dedicated podcast: PerfCast.

Previously, PerfCast was run by Chris Garrett with some memorable recordings, including a live interview with Darren Rowse. This time it is being run by Jeff Chandler and David Peralty.

As Jeff reported over at Performancing:

You may remember that back in March of this year, Performancing had a podcast named Perfcast. This podcast was hosted by Chris Garrett with three episodes ending up being produced. Since March, the podcast has laid dormant due to time constraints and other activities getting in the way. I’m happy to announce that Perfcast will be coming back starting on Wednesday, August 27th at 7P.M. EST.

The show will be hosted by Jeff Chandler with David Peralty of Xfep.com as co-host. For now, we will be using Talkshoe.com as the platform of choice to perform the show live where you’ll be able to chat with us as we record the show. Talkshoe also provides the means necessary to call into the show as we are recording so that you can chime in with your opinions, your tips, or your contributions. Think of it as a combination between podcasting and talk radio.

In the coming days, I’ll provide you with more details on how to interact with the show using Talkshoe. Until then, please register an account with Talkshoe.com and click on the Follow This button so that you’ll be reminded via email when new episodes will air.

David and I are really looking forward to producing this show. As for what Perfcast will be about, consider it the podcast that is all about blogging. Each week David and I will either be covering the news in the blogosphere, discussing topics related to blogging, conducting interviews with successful bloggers or interacting with the community. At the end of each show, we will be announcing a blogging job of the week as well as a blogging challenge.

Hope to you see there during our first live recording!

Jeff then followed up his announcement to let the community know how they could participate in the live podcast:

Our first episode of Perfcast will be airing Live tonight at 7 P.M. EST. Here are a few ways in which you can participate in the show.


There are two different clients provided by Talkshoe, the web client and the Talkshoe Pro client. The web client is accessed via a browser window or a tab and acts like an IRC channel. The text scrolls from the bottom to the top and the users who are in the chat room appear in a column on the right hand side. The call in information is presented in the bottom part of the window.

You can also chat by using Talkeshoe Pro but before you can use their software, you’ll have to install it. This is the way I access Perfcast and any other show on Talkshoe that I participate in. The interface provides a means of color coding the chat so you can follow multiple conversations at once. The client can sometimes be a bit laggy when compared to the web client but I think the pro client has a much better interface. The pro client also gives you access to something called ShoePhone which is Talkshoes built in SIP client. I don’t recommend using it because it produces bad audio quality but if you can’t call in through a different method, this will work.

Calling In:

You can call into the show a few different ways. The first way is by using a cellphone, landline or SkypeOut and dialing (724)444-74444. The talkshoe prompt will welcome you to Talkshoe and asks you for the Talkcast ID number. The ID number for Perfcast is, 24073. After you type in the number, hit the # sign. For some of you, you’ll need to enter in your PIN. Your PIN number is usually your phone number or whatever number you assigned during the account creation process. If you don’t have a PIN Number, you can still dial in as an anonymous user.

When you call into the show, you will automatically be muted. If you are calling in to discuss a particular news topic or have something to say, please press *8as this will initiate the Request To Talk feature which the host of the show will see. When you hear Talkshoe tell you that you have been unmuted, that means you are on the air.

Be sure to head on over to the Perfcast Talkshoe Page at 6:45 P.M. EST as that is when you’ll be able to enter the room.

And then the podcast was indeed launched, as Jeff announced:

The first episode of Perfcast went off without a hitch. While discussing WordPress, Lloyd Budd, (who is NOT a core developer) called in. Be sure to tune into next weeks episode and participate live.

Are You Trustworthy – CopyBlogger
Stop Blaming The WordPress Team – WeblogToolsCollection.com
Monetization Of Twitter – Peformancing
Blogging Internships – TheBlogHerald
Liz Strauss Comment Counter Creates Controversy – TheBlogHerald

LISTENER FEEDBACK – None – We love hearing what you, our audience, thinks of the show, as well as the blogging industry. If you have something to say, please contact us at (perfcast at gmail dot com)

Each week, David and I like to look at the jobs available in blogging and related industries. We cover jobs that catch our eye, and hopefully don’t pay too poorly. We will feature one of these jobs on each episode of Perfcast.

BLOGGING JOB OF THE WEEKBusiness/Tech Satire Writer

BLOGGING CHALLENGE – Thank your top five commenter’s.

The blogging challenge is provided as a means of challenging yourself with a specific duty each week. David and I will be participating in each challenge and will be highlighting various entries from the previous challenge. To have your entry viewed by David and I, leave a comment with a link to your entry on this blog post. You may be the entry we review on the next episode.


NEXT EPISODE – Thursday September 4th, 2008 at 7 P.M. EST

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We look forward to some more exciting podcasts from PerfCast!