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One in a Million Theme for WordPress

Posted on Mar 19, 2008

Performancing has released it’s latest quality, free theme for WordPress: “One in a Million” by Thord Hedengren.

As Ryan Caldwell announced on Performancing:

One of my favorite things about this WordPress theme is the way it separates individual blog posts on the index pages. If there’s one gripe I have about most publishing sites on the Internet (including this one;-) it’s that posts often bleed into each other. Often, the only element used to split up posts is a bold headline. With One In A Million, each post is boxed off from the rest.

As a 3 column design with the content in the middle column, One In A Million has plenty of above the fold advertising real estate, while maintaining a sufficiently wide content area.

And over at Performancing Themes:

One in a Million is a three-column theme for WordPress featuring a fixed-width layout with a center-positioned main content column. The theme is easy on the eyes, using subdued hues and clean typefaces. The header and footer have an old world, homey feel to them, using a wallpaper-like pattern as background image. Yet, One in a Million is very suitable for professional and corporate blogs because of the clean and legible look.

One in a Million is yet another collaboration between Performancing and Thord Daniel Hedengren, who has done countless other WordPress Themes for Performancing and Splashpress Media.

There has been some good feedback already from the community:

“What a pleasant, soothing theme this is. Clean, and easy to read. Proof that you don’t need a lot of colors to create a nice theme.”

“I really like this theme, the soft colors are pleasing and there is room to add an appropriately colored unique header, should you chose to do so. That point about separating posts is a good one, too.”

“I agree. Has an old-fashioned feel, which I like.”

Click here to preview the theme.
Click here to download the theme.

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