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New (beta) Wisdump Design Up

Posted on Mar 28, 2008

The massively talented Thord Hedengren, editor of the popular Wisdump blog (formerly owned by Paul “Scrivs” Scrivens), has just put up the new design. This, after various mockups where he asked the community for their feedback.


As Thord says:

So here it is, the redesigned Wisdump in public beta. There are a few small things left, but I figured I’d get it up there to see what you guys think.

Feel free to compare to the mockup designs I’ve posted previously. They are just that: mockups, which means that the design you’re seeing right now isn’t 100% like them. I never intended it to be, so that’s all good.

Jumbled up? Ctrl+F5 on Windows, or Command+R on Mac, or simply just empty your cache and reload to see the new design.

What do you guys think? Speak up in the comments! I’m all ears…

We think it’s great!! Head over to Wisdump and check it out….

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