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More Podcasts from Jeff Chandler & David Peralty

Posted on Nov 10, 2008

The team has been going great guns over at Performancing since we announced the relaunch of PerfCast. They are already up to episode eleven!!

Check out the latest ten podcasts recorded:

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five

Episode Six

Episode Seven

Episode Eight

Episode Nine

Episode Ten

Episode Eleven

PerfCast is using TalkShoe to produce these podcasts and listeners can also subscribe to the show via iTunes. Helping the host of these weekly podcasts, Jeff Chandler, is David Peralty from XFEP, as co-producer of the show. Both Jeff and David are doing a fabulous job, making these podcasts really worth listening to. Especially of interest from recent podcasts was the interview with Connie Bensen, David‘s experiences at Blog World Expo, the interview of Deb Ng from Freelance Writing Gigs and the analysis of Habari.

Every week, the show also includes a set routine:

* LISTENER FEEDBACK. In each episode, a listener email is answered, and a previous blogging challenge entry of the week announced. You can give feedback by sending an email to: [email protected].

* BLOGGING CHALLENGE. The challenge is for those individuals who show up in the chatroom during the live recording, getting the chance to win a free one month membership to the Hive.

* BLOGGING JOB OF THE WEEK. Every week a specific blogging job is highlighted by the team.