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J. Angelo Racoma: Dealing With Your Blogging Needs

Posted on Apr 1, 2008

The growth of blogging as a business and marketing tool has been phenomenal in the recent years. We’ve seen blogging evolve from something done for personal purposes, to something that can be done on a professional or even an enterprise level. These days, the successful business models for blogging don’t only entail building up a content network and serving up advertisements. Businesses and enterprises can also take advantage of blogging and new media to build up their image, to communicate with the world at large, to sell ideas and even to sell products and services both directly and indirectly.


Here at Splashpress Media, we’re proud to be working with some of the world’s finest new media professionals and practitioners. These are the people who not only contribute to the community with their ideas, but also help others by sharing their knowledge of the inner workings of the industry.

One of these people is someone who has been working with us from the start: J. Angelo Racoma, or better known as J. Angelo in the online world. As the Editor in Chief of Splashpress Media, Angelo takes care of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the network, and this includes the technical, financial, creative and marketing aspects of the company. Also part of his responsibilities is coordinating the efforts of our project managers, bloggers, designers, administrators and our partners and other colleagues in the business to ensure we are all working in synergy (and that everyone is happy working with each other).

The various aspects of blogging

When it comes to blogging and new media, Angelo is basically a Jack of All Trades. He started out with blogging as an outlet for practicing his writing skills back when he was still working as a government economist. His first taste of blogging professionally was when he left public service to pursue a career developing a hosted personal and enterprise blogging service for a private IT firm. Not satisfied with the corporate world, Angelo left that shortly to find his fortune in the virtual world, and that’s where he got acquainted with the people that would be his colleagues in the various new media networks he has been part of one time or another, such as the former BlogMedia and Bloggy Network LLC, among others.

He first worked with us contributing content way back when we were not yet known as Splashpress Media. When we bought the Blog Herald, we hired him full time and he came on board as Marketing Manager and then as Assistant Editor and technical point-person. When Splashpress Media was formed as the umbrella company for our various online endeavors, his role also expanded to cover the other sites we owned and acquired. Angelo has always had a passion for great design and writing and for using innovative mediums to communicate with other people. This passion is shared by the rest of us in Splashpress Media.

Sharing our expertise

This expertise of building up blogs and using new media as an effective medium for communication is one thing we would like to share with the world at large with our newest blogging logistics company bLogics.

bLogics is a blog consultancy group that offers a one-stop shop for all your blogging needs. bLogics is run by Splashpress Media, a new media company with more than three years of experience in the various aspects of web development from hosting, design, marketing, content management and content development. This includes extensive experience in developing weblogs for ourselves and our clients, which are either stand-alone, part of a blog network, or as complement to regular websites. We are also behind some of today’s more popular destinations in various niches of the blogosphere, and this has proved helpful in improving the visibility of our network and our clients’ blogs.

Through bLogics, we aim to serve those who want to take part in the new media scene, but need help with planning and execution. Our team of experts includes designers, programmers, writers and marketing people. The various online tools, networks and applications that we run in-house allow us to effectively and efficiently host and run new media services for our clients. Given our experience, resources and people, we are in the best position to help business, organizations and institutions run their own blogging activities.

bLogics‘ services include:

The people behind Splashpress Media and bLogics, such as J. Angelo Racoma, have had their share of successfully building and re-building blogs.

Get in touch with us and we will help you with yours.