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Gadzooki! I Want One!

Posted on Apr 28, 2008


It’s not uncommon for gadget lovers to drool over every new device–electronic or otherwise– that’s out in the market. It’s called gadget lust. That means there are things that generate enough desire for people to go crazy over them, whether they are actually necessities or just something one wants.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a laptop, a mobile phone, a portable media player, a big-screen LCD television set, a car, or just about anything that moves or does something. If it’s a gadget, there’s bound to be a gadget lover lusting for the latest model, or the shiniest model, or the smallest, or the one that has the most features.

In 2006 a blog dedicated to gadgets was born. It was called tech.erati.com, part of the Erati network. Then the owners decided to rename it Gadzooki, which shows how they thought gadget lovers would exclaim when they learn of yet another gadget they want to get a hold of. Gadzooki! I want one!

And with the blog featuring reviews and news of the latest gadgets out there. Who wouldn’t want one.

You don’t have to be a techie to want the latest gadget – its practically a necessity today in our modern lives. But before you splurge out on that larger-than-life flatscreen tv or iPhone, let our tech-obsessed bloggers at Gadzooki point you in the right direction.

At Gadzooki you’ll find out about the latest technology-driven products around– from media players, mobile phones, laptops and cars, to consumer electronics like televisions, photographic equipment, audio-visual systems, and much more than you could imagine.

Splashpress Media acquired Gadzooki in early 2007 and gave it an overhaul in terms of the format and design. Gadzooki has been reborn as a community site, with several bloggers (who are gadget-freaks, of course!) regularly contributing news items, reviews and features. Splashpress Media has also since acquired the Erati brand, which has been converted into an entertainment blog.

So let us help satisfy your gadget lust with Gadzooki, at least in terms of information and learning more about the gizmos you love.

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