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Eat Well and Laugh Often at bFeedMe

Posted on Nov 3, 2008


Over here at Splashpress Media, two of the things we all love to do (after blogging, that is) is to have a fine meal and a good laugh. So we figured that as life is short, we may as well blog about something we enjoy… and thus bFeedMe was brought into our network.

At bFeedMe we’ve collected our favorite recipes to share with our readers, with the promise that they’ve been tried and tested (to be delicious!) by our top bloggers in their very own kitchens. What’s a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, lusciously tender and perfect for tonight’s dinner? Try our Bahama Porkchops. Having a crazy day and need a meal that won’t take more than 15 minutes of your time? Go for our foolproof Quick Meal Loaf which packs in the flavor of all-day cooking in no time at all. Want to play chef on the weekend? Have a go at whipping up your own Dijon Mustard and serve it with “perfectly delicious pecan trout” to impress your hubby. Problems in the kitchen? We’re here to help! Have the kids been nagging you to make cheesecake but your last efforts were less than successful? Check out our popular cheesecake troubleshooting video and proceed with confidence!

Delivered with easy instructions, great photos and a sprinkling of humor, its not just our recipes that will get food lovers interested. We’re also blogging about our best kitchen tips and gadgets, our favorite restaurants, cookbooks and sites, food news and practically anything that would mean good food conversation at the dining table.

So check us out today at bFeedMe and get your fill of the good things in life!