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Easy Photoblogging with Photoblogs.net

Posted on May 12, 2008

A picture paints a thousand words, or so the saying goes. With today’s digital lifestyle, it is not uncommon for people to be able to snap photos just about anywhere, at any time. We have our digital cameras. And we have our camera-equipped mobile phones.

The camera is ubiquitous, but sometimes sharing pictures with the world is not as easy as clicking that shutter button. And even with numerous photo-sharing services around, bloggers might find the gallery-type format of these different from the chronological order that they are used to.

The solution: photoblogging.

Photoblogging is a combination of blogging and photo sharing. The idea is to post photos at regular intervals (daily, twice a week, etc.), or as the need arises. Popular blogging software packages are able to run as photoblogs, with special themes that focus on photos rather than–or along with–the written word. However, for no-hitch photoblogging, Splashpress Media has a solution: Photoblogs.net.


Photo Blogs is a free photo blogging service that lets users easily upload and publish photos in a photo-blog format. The service lets users manipulate photos and add tags, keywords, descriptions and captions for easy reference.

Photoblogs.net is yet another collaboration by Splashpress Media with Bloggy Network LLC, which has done the design and programming according to our needs. We hope that shutterbugs would find the service useful in sharing their captured moments, along with interesting captions and commentary. As the Photoblogs.net tagline goes–Even shutterbugs write!

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